I’m a lazy diabetic because



@LarissaW. How did you manage to get the pic of my D bag?


I am surprised that there that many strips left, because judging by my house they are in every room and the car.


You mean all meter cases don’t look like this? :wink:



We never fully clean off our old adhesive!!!


I thought we were the only ones that didn’t do this. Lol. Lots of grey patches from sticky residual. But it has to be cleaned before you need to reuse the spot though; otherwise, the unisolve you have to clean the spot with makes the new sensor or pump not stick to the skin well enough.


I was issued a box of 100 Lancets in 2004. I still have over 3/4 of them… Guess I should change them more often, rather than waiting for time changes.


well, we do eventually clean it off, I guess. But it takes a while; there could be two or three sticky patches in various places before we finally do a full cleaning. Samson does not love it, so we let it be for now.


Same with Liam…we don’t clean it immediately because Liam cries about it hurting…I guess it stings when going over the open wound.

I won’t post a picture, but I keep a small piece of paper towel in my meter case to wipe my finger on after I check my BG. Let’s say that I don’t change it often enough and it looks pretty gruesome.


I’m stingy. I’ll tear 25% or so off from a cotton ball and use that about 50 times until it looks like it has the measles with all the small red splotches on it. :smiley:


It’s a good thing my meter case is black, because I’ve used that as my “paper towel” often enough…whenever I have too much blood to wipe off with my other fingers and nothing else at hand to wipe with. :blush:


@ClaudnDaye @TiaG have you guys tried Detachol from Ferndale labs? I squirt some on Infusion and cgm sites, let it sit for a few minutes then peel them off with no pain. I use additional Detachol on tp or gauze to clean the balance of the glue. No stinging, no pain. As a final step I clean the area with alcohol (bourbon?) before reapplying.


I’ve never heard of this before, Elver, but if it’s as easy as you indicate, we’ll certainly be buying some in the near future and trying it out on Liam. This is his worst part of everything he goes through now…he doesn’t throw a fit about anything else, but when it comes to taking off the old Omnipod, he says it hurts and throws a huge fit each time…squirming all over the place, etc., Thanks for the recommendation!


So, this?

Ferndale Laboratories 0513-04 Detachol Adhesive Remover with Dispenser Cap

@ClaudnDaye exactly that. I use 2 to 3 bottles of Detachol to 1 small Mastisol. No more peeling skin off to get Infusion sites out. Patient is key. Squirt it on and wait a minute or two so the glue loosens first. You can always reapply more as needed if you have a saturation problem.

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What about the sticky part UNDER the omnipod? The sides are one thing, but getting the underside of th POD loose is the challenge for us. Does it get under the pump as well?

I generally squirt some all around the adhesive edges, let it soak for a minute. The liquid wicks in towards the center. Peel up a edge and squirt in a little more. Since it seems to loosen/dissolve the glue, it travels. The liquid is thin and thus far I have found it to be the easiest to use (alcohol wasn’t beginning to get the job done).

Happy to send you some to try if you want.


I’ll just buy some. Thanks! That’s what HSA cards are for! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much for this info…hopefully this fixes our final issue with regards to “pain” that Liam experiences during these change-outs.


is this different from Unisolve?