Freestyle Libre Adhesive Allergy


Has anyone had a reaction to the 14 day sensor adhesive? Did you do anything that helped?


@Bonni, not sure if anyone has had a reaction to the Libre adhesive in particular, but there are many threads dealing with Dexcom and pump site reactions.

Have you done the usual, i.e. some combination of squirting Flonase on the skin before putting the sensor in, putting a barrier in place like a small tegaderm between the sensor and the skin, or used one of the barrier creams?

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I tried Flonase and Mastisol that did not help still had a reaction after eight days, my sensor actually fell off because my skin was seeping so bad. Last night I put another on following the same procedure but adding a layer of tegaderm before applying sensor. I am hoping this works, if not myEndo wants to move me to the Dexcom.


My daughter started having a reaction to the adhesives at the end of 2018, about a year after she started using the Libre. We are in Canada so she was using the 14 day sensors from the beginning. I am not sure whether Abbott changed something in their formula. The sensors started leaving a circle of raw skin underneath and the resulting skin damage does not heal well. We tried Flonase recently which seemed to help a bit, so this time we squirted multiple layers of Flonase on her skin before she inserted the sensor. She has about a week left on the sensor now. She said it’s been itchy so I am assuming that there is something going on underneath the sensor. I am hoping that it will be better than before. If not, we’ll have to try something else.


Are you rotating where you place the sensor, giving your skin time to restore moisture that might have been stripped from the adhesive? I went thru adhesive issues last year from my Omnipods. My skin seeped when I placed a new pod overlapping where the last adhesive had been. My skin couldn’t handle having no time to heal from the stripping.

I hope you find a solution quickly! These issues are no fun!!

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I always put it in a different area


Has the tegaderm under the sensor worked out for you?

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So far so good. It lifted a little because of showering, but I put mastisol on a toothpick and used that to secure it. I will keep you posted. I hav 8 more days on the sensor. Hope this works!


I have my fingers crossed for you.


@Bonni, have you read the several wikis on adhesive allergies? For instance, there is a detailed one on Dexcom allergies?

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I have not, I will look into that. Thank you all for this site. I have read some very helpful info here. Even though I have been type 2 for 16 years occasionally you feel like you are the only one dealing with it. I firmly believe that education and knowledge are the difference between living with diabetes and LIVING with diabetes. Thank you!


Well said!


Just an update on my Freestyle Libre issue…I am on day 10!!!

Using the tegaderm under the sensor appears to be working .

I have had a little problem with the edges lifting just a bit. At first I would use a toothpick to put Mastisol under it and secure it, then I just started using small scissors and trim it.

Thus far it is a go. The last on fell off after 8 days because my skin was seeping so bad, I am ecstatic with 10 days with this one.

I did cut a small hole in the tegaderm before applying where the needle for attaching would go in, so I may have a spot there when I remove it.

I am hopeful. I will post again when I remove this one.

I hope this will help anyone that may have the same issue of allergy to the adhesive.


This is great news!

These are both great options! On top of doing both, we also use an additional layer of solid adhesive over our sensor adhesive pad (but not over the sensor) for additional support. This works well for demanding activities such as frequent swimming.

Let us know how the next sensors work, and how you are updating your routine: very valuable info for others with the same problem!

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Really glad to hear about your success @Bonni, allergies and the inability to keep things stuck to you for long periods of time is contra-indicated for being an insulin using diabetic. That will definitely help people find what works for them.


:cry: removed my sensor, actually took it off 10 hours early because the area under it was starting to feel sore. The area was blistered and red. Not nearly as bad as when I did not use the Tegaderm under it, but there was irritation. For comparison, it fell off because of seeping blisters (sorry) after 8 days with no Tegaderm under it, with Tegaderm under I was able to wear it 13.5 days. When I removed it there were blisters just starting to form. I had 1 more sensor left so I am trying it with 2 layers of Tegaderm under, who knows if it will help. I will post about my attempt later.

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@Bonni, remind me, are you using a adhesive cream such as Skintac as the very first layer?

  1. nasal spray
  2. Mastisol
  3. Tegaderm
  4. Mastisol (to ensure sensor will stick)
  5. Sensor
    There was still a rash under the sensor so I am now using 2 layers of Teraderm as a barrier. Only on day 1 so I will post later if this works any better. From here my endo wants to try Dexcom.
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@Bonni, how did you position the applicator over the hole in the Tegaderm so that you would be sure that the needle would go through that area? Also, how big a hole did you cut? It seems that the smaller the hole is, the more difficult it would be to get the needle in that specific place, but if the hole is too big it would leave too much of the adhesive touching your skin.

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