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I measured the width of the sensor, marked the tegaderm that was on thigh with that measurement. (my endo suggested I try applying to the front of my thigh) used tweezers to lift the center of the marked area and just snipped a little bit of the tegaderm where the needle from the applicator would enter. I used cuticle scissors to make the cut in the tegaderm and a non toxic crayola marker to mark the tegaderm. After I cut a little of the tegaderm where the needle would enter I used a q-tip dipped in alcohol to clean the area and applied nasal spray with a q-tip to that area.

I know it sounds like a lot to do but I am trying not to give up my Freestyle Libre.

Hope this info helps you.


@Lisa, @Bonni, possibly you can find a punch that is roughly the area you want to cut out? This is what we use with Dexcom sensors:

EK Tools Tag Punch Classic for Dexcom G4/G5 sensor


Thank you so much for the info. It is communication like this that makes this forum so important. So happy I stumbled upon it.


That helps, but I am still unsure about how you position the applicator over the hole to ensure that the needle goes through that spot. Is it just a guess?


I measure the the applicator, mark a circle that size on the tegaderm that I applied. Cut a small opening in the center of that circle for the needle. When you align the sensor in the marked circle the needle is in the proper spot.

I used a nontoxic marker to mark the circle for placement.


I’m wondering if your thigh gets a lot of friction from pants? Maybe I’m crazy (and it’s my boyfriend with T1 and the sensors and pump not me, so no firsthand experience here) but as a lady, my pants are tighter and I think it might rub.

Also I was thinking maybe the mastisol might be irritating? You have switched to a pretty intense regimen with lots of variables, and I’m wondering if one of those isn’t continuing to irritate your skin.

My second thought would be to call Dexcom before using them, and ask them to send you a sample of their adhesive and their additional adhesive stickers they offer to customers. You could just stick it on and see if it drove your skin nuts or not.

Also, we have used a variety of barrier wipes, and some are way better than others. Currently, we have a “skin prep” brand and I despise it. I swear I have to scrub my hands for minutes to get it off my fingers just from opening the wipes. We used to have Safe n’ Simple No-Sting Skin Barrier Film, which I got from an amazing wound care doctor up in Vacaville, CA. He hooked me up with some “samples” for EH to try, which is how I found that brand. They were much less gross and sticky. They seemed to work. (I just decided life is short and I hate those other things. So I am ordering some safe n simples off Amazon now. Thanks for the nudge. :slight_smile:)

We also have adhesive issues at our house. Mainly with the OmniPod adhesive. But in thinking about your situation (which sucks! I am sorry about the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing!) I am hoping you’ll find something that works out soon.

If you’re going to test out any of the supplies, see if there’s a wound care place near you (big cities only) OR get ahold of a few different brands of wipes or barrier creams and paint them onto you without the sensor first. Then if you react you’ll know before going through with another sensor.

Good luck!!!


Ahh, now I get it!


Wow, thank you so much for all of the hints. I am definitely going to contact Dexcom for adhesive samples and contact a wound care clinic. I live in the Pittsburgh area so I am sure someone can help me. I never would have thought of doing the things you suggested. Bandaid has a product called tough care, i use that to cover the sensor temporarily when I think there may be a lot of fiction.

Thank you again, your post came at a perfect time I just applied my last freestyle sensor an hour ago and decided I was done.


:pleading_face::sob::triumph::sleepy: I fought a good fight but just cannot make the freestyle libre work for me. My arms and thighs look like Swiss cheese with all the spots healing from reactions.i got a sample of the Dexcom adhesive and it seems to be working so far with no irritation. I will contact my endo on Monday and request the Dexcom…libre I surrender!

Is it strange that I feel like I somehow failed?


Great! I’m sooooo glad that worked out! I wouldn’t have thought to do it myself if I hadn’t been having a conversation with that amazing wound care doctor about adhesive allergies when I was visiting him 3x a week for a month. Eventually you run through small talk when you see a person that often. LOL!

I’m so glad that you are able to tolerate the Dex. I’m sorry you feel like you failed with the Libre. Remind yourself: it’s not you, it’s them! Whatever is in that sticky isn’t meant for you. And you gave it a solid try! Don’t feel bad!

Another thing I have learned from FUD: your doctor works for you; so don’t forget that if you need them to advocate for you to get the Dexcom. That is their job. Additionally, if you are in a large area there should be a Dexcom representative that might be able to give you tips for getting the Dexcom approved.


Thank you so much for all your help.


There is very little downside, if any, to switch the the Dexcom!

There is always the possibility of more adhesive reactions later on. Even if that happens, you may be able to alternate with the Freestyle Libre, and there are still many options you can try against allergies that are left, if the switch is not enough in the long term.

We love our Dexcom! It has changed both our lives as parents and our treatment to diabetes. We are much more confident and aggressive. Our CGM is worth gold in peace of mind, and at least 1% A1c if not more.


@Michel thank you so much for the encouragement.

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