I have a 512 and 522 just sitting there

I have old medtronic pumps that were my backups for a long time. Now I have a new tandem x2 and my old tandem for my backup. Any advice of how to sell them?

I am interested in looping and may be interested in purchasing one.

Legally you are in a bit of a quandary in that the sale of a prescription item isn’t allowed. With that being said, many people are using those pumps to loop so there is a market for them.


Legally speaking, it’s illegal to drive over 55 mph on a lot of roads. If you think there’s a District Attorney, or States Attorney, or US Attorney out there who has time and funds to prosecute someone driving 56 or 57 miles an hour, I think you are dreaming!
We live in a country of an overburdened legal system, hence the reason we have plea bargains for rapists and murderers - there isn’t even enough time and funds to prosecute REAL crime. It’s also one of the reasons no one cares about a diabetic selling used equipment or extra supplies to another.
Then just take into account the press. In a country where people are dying because they can’t afford insulin and supplies, can you imagine the bad press following anyone who would choose to prosecute such a case? It would certainly be career suicide!
In 2018 the County District Attorney here actually sent out a press release publicly stating that due to shortage of tume and funding his office would only be prosecuting major crimes. Knowing a number of District Attorneys across the state, I know that they routinely send out lists of crimes that have time and funds to prosecute to law enforcement agencies within their counties. They advise that other offenses can be referred to city attorneys if they have a city statue against the offense, but the DAs office will not pursue the matter.

@Dc53705 You can bet there would be severe federal prosecution for a retailer selling any prescription item in quantity without said prescription. Big pharmacy would pull their DOJ contact out of their pocket in a heartbeat.

One second hand insulin pump between diabetics, not so much.