So my father in law found an oldish insulin pump

I’m debating what to do with it. It’s a Medtronic 723. Put a battery in it, it seems to work and rewind, has an old reservoir on it. I hate the pump, know how to use it though. I do have a reservoir at home to possibly test it with. Can you loop with the 723?

Can I sell this? I’d love some money and maybe to help a looper?? I’ll disinfect it.

Being able to use with Loop depends on software version number.
If version is 2.4A or lower, it would work with Loop/OpenAPS.

Check back of pump or status screen for version.

Curious… where did he find it?

I think it says 3.0 so it might not be loop compatible but IDK? Already took the battery out. Would be willing to sell it irregardless to someone if they want it. Not sure on price.

He volunteers at a Catholic outreach ( like a thrift store for specifically low income people). He has found me an unused but old accuchek Aviva and an open box (but unused) freestyle freedom lite. He basically gets me any diabetes crap he finds. Afaik it’s from a woman who passed away. Her sister donated it . It’s in pretty good shape though and it looks good to use and turned on right away with a fresh battery.

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Most of the 723 pumps don’t have compatible firmware, and 3.0 is not compatible. Anyone who will pay more than a minimal amount will want to know the firmware rev, so well worth putting a AA battery back in it to be sure of the rev. It takes just a minute to unscrew the cover and put in a battery, then two or three button presses to find the rev.

Yep, it’s 3.0 :confused: . Thought so.

Not sure if I can get anything out of this though , other than it’s like almost like a back up pump/barely used despite being pretty old. It’s only got a few tiny scratches on it, screen is fine though and lights up really good on the back light, seems to rewind ok as I could test that to some degree when I first turned it on as it came with a used reservoir left in it (and a quickset tubing , threw that out immediately) . I plan to find a way to carefully clean it. I can’t use it to test if it really does last a whole day, on a good fresh battery, as I have no real old pump supplies other than one remaining reservoir that expired in 2017. If it’s truly as functional as I think it is, it’d prolly be great for a back up pump, a trainer pump for a newbie (if I could find someone willing to buy it for that purpose that is lol) or even a regular pump for someone who can get the supplies (like someone who already has this pump or one similar and can use it?) but can’t afford a new pump or something? Maybe some day the looping stuff can work on the later firmware? I still feel I should be able to get a few hundred on it though if there’s any use in it. I think it does have some life left in it. It’s no 670g but it’s apparently ok enough for someone out there.

It’s possible it is less than 4 years old, similar to 523 that I got new in 2016. However that one died last summer under warranty, and replaced with a 723 ver 3.0B. I think they stopped selling x23 series soon after I got mine.

Many switched to the newer models (530, 630), which I was offered but didn’t want.

The CR3 website is one place that accepts pumps to provide to others. But checked and they don’t accept the x23 models.

Am I missing something here? Because what it sounds like is that your father in law is TAKING diabetic items from a Catholic outreach facility, specifically to help LOW INCOME people, and giving these items to you, so you can turn around and resell them at a PROFIT?

Most thrift stores discard all donated medical equipment. Besides sanitation issues, most charities wouldn’t want to get into the unknowns of selling prescription equipment. They could donate it to another charity that accepts and distributes used medical equipment, and hopefully that is what OP will do since she can’t use it.

Keep in mind, he’s low income and volunteers there because this charity helped him, and I’m barely out of the poverty line myself. He thought I could use it, because he brings me any diabetes supplies he finds as it would get thrown away otherwise even if unused, because they don’t accept those, so far it’s all been stuff I could actually use or can say no thanks to. He couldn’t take it back now. it’d either get disposed of or if I could do something with it. If donation of it is literally my only option besides selling it for a low cost (understand I’m not gonna make a profit off an older insulin pump and I don’t intend to, I’m at the point I’d only want like at most $100ish…at most) to someone who wants it that’s fine. I’m not selling it for $5000. It’s just me asking if there’s any way of donating it or selling it somewhere. Originally was hoping to find a looper who wanted it, but found out the firmware was too new.

I’m aware it’s questionable, but given how expensive diabetes is and how much I’ve been helped by others with supplies, it’s something I feel I can’t just find a way of throwing it away if it can help someone.

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