I find this pretty incredible

It’s never happened for us before. 1 arm (left bicep), 2 sensor sessions (due to changing out old, with new Transmitter), reliable data, for …53 days.

Please check out my notes and tell me if I’m just going crazy somehow. I had to change out his CGM tonight and realized how long the old sensor had been on his other arm and was just flabbergasted, amazed and intrigued by how this could have happened.


Point of clarification for image # 2 - no actual sensor site change was done…we removed the old transmitter, and snapped the new transmitter into place on this date (I remember making a post about it somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.)


omg Harold! UNBELIEVABLE! And with a toddler!

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I’m still not sure what happened to make this possible, but Liam and I aren’t complaining. lol. I wish this were possible every time…we typically get 14 days. Assuming changout on the same sensor site, max we “should” have gotten was 28 days if my Math is good.