G5 Sensor Change-outs

Erin and I finally made the decision to no longer even try to go beyond 7 days on each sensor. Inevitably, what happens for us is that we do the 2-hour warm-up period (keep in mind, that with loop, I need to check BG’s every 15 minutes and input into Apple Health in order to keep loop running…so that’s 9 finger sticks at a minimum), and then only a few short hours later, his sensor coincidently begins crapping out. So we have to then do an actual sensor change-out which results in another 9 finger sticks.

After seeing this pattern over the past few months, we’ve finally decided that it’s just not worth it to try and extend a session because it’ll crap out just as soon as we do the 2-hour warm up for the session. I still feel like it’s too coincidental that there be ZERO issues with disconnects in session 1, but as soon as session 2 begins, suddenly we’re seeing question marks…I somehow think they’ve put something into it (degradation of enzymes or something within cannula) that begin breaking down at a rapid pace after 7 days.


I continue to get 10-20 days with G4 (same sensors). Can you loop with G6?

Not sure but I’m not willing to change to a sensor that seems to have so many issues still. We could probably get ten to twenty if we were ok with the constant disconnects for two and the hours at a time but we aren’t.

Yes, I’m Looping with G6. I just got 20 days out of my last sensor before replacing it today.

Have you tried it yet and had problems? Or is this based on others reporting. I still use G4, but did try out G6 when Costco had lower cost. Worked well for me. Neighbor has been using with good results for several months.

The many issues other have reported (especially in younger children) is plenty for me.

so typically a g5 sensor will only last 7-10 days without lopping or restarting?

We used to get two weeks on the G5s. Those days are gone. We now change them out every 7 days as soon as the session ends.

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A G5 “session” last 7 days, and then it can be restarted. Some folks replace their sensors every week, while others simply re-start.

Eventually, depending on your particular metabolism, your immune system will attack the sensor filament rendering it inaccurate. How long that takes depends on your immune system.

I’ve been on immunosuppressants for years, and suspect that’s why I can restart (use) the same sensor with accuracy for as long as 5 or 6 weeks.


I might try to restart it maybe just once and then replace with a new sensor. Dexcom tells me Medicare only pays for 5 sensors a month. Has anyone ever bought extra ones from amazon or goodrx??

I can see when the sensor is getting ready to fail by looking at the CGM graph. When the sensor is still working normally, the graph is a smooth line, rising and falling with the blood glucose. When the sensor is starting to fail, I see jitter in the graph: the dots jump up and down around the line rather than progressing smoothly. That’s the sign for me that it’s time to change the sensor. For me that’s usually after 12 to 15 days of use. Other people get different wear times. I usually restart the sensor on day 6 and day 12: just stop sensor, start sensor; easy as can be. But I use a variation of “the microwave technique” so I basically never need to go 2 hours without CGM data, either when restarting a used sensor after 6 days, or when starting a new sensor after the previous one is starting to fail. G5 data with no 2-hour warmup for new sensor (using Dex app on phone and Dex receiver)