Humapen Luxura HD replacement case?

Hi there!

I was just wondering if any of you know of a place where I could buy a new hard case for my HumaPen Luxura HD.
I’ve been using this pen for about 6 months now and the case opening/closing system is starting to weaken and so, it’s easier for the pen to fall out. I’m talking about the hard case that came with my pen (just like the pictures below). Unfortunately, all I could find online was a new pen that would come with the case, grossing at about 70 USD. Seems like a waste of money since I don’t feel like I need a new pen, I just need the case.
image image
And so, I was wondering if maybe there is someone here that knows if and where I could find this specific case?
I know there are many different cases I can buy online, but I really like this particular one because it keeps the pen very secure (if the closing mechanism works, of course :smile:), it has special indents for needles and spare insulin cartridges (for my OCD-ish self :smile: ) and it has such a nice feel to it, since the design is so elegant and sleek.


I have some extras. I could send you one if you’d like.


You might want to try Max’s Marine Pharmacy in Canada. You would need to call them on the phone for that.


I have bought them from Mark’s. They are only about $15 there.


As absolutely great that sounds and incredibly nice that is of you, I live in Europe, so I think that would be pretty difficult. I don’t even know what the process would be and how I could pay you back. I’m guessing PayPal would work, but the shipping itself I have no clue how to handle. Thank you so much anyway, I appreciate it so much!
If you, however, have any idea of how intercontinental shipping could happen, I am all ears (and, of course, I would pay for the expenses if it were to happen) :blush:

Again, thank you very much, but unfortunately I do not live in Canada :sweat:

Mark’s, isn’t that a clothing store? Or maybe that’s a different Mark’s. Do they have a website?

It’s Marks Marine Pharmacy. Here is their site.

The cheapest I found for shipping is $24, if I can keep it under half a pound with packaging and everything. That’s not too bad.

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Yep, Mark’s is a clothing store chain, not the same as the online pharmacy!

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Thank you very much for the interest! Fortunately, my doctor was able to find me a new one for free after all.
I appreciate the trouble and maybe I will resort to this solution if or when the new case deteriorates. Thanks!


One thing to be aware of when looking for a new pen case in general is that pens are often different sizes. The HumaPen Luxura is quite tall in comparison to other pens, even other Humalog pens. For example, the cases for the HumaPen Savvio pens are quite a bit shorter and would not fit the Luxura.

I’m glad you found the case you needed. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip! Noted. :grin: