How Long Does a G5 Transmitter REALLY Last? **UPDATE-Transmitter Died** UPDATE-New Transmitter ***UPDATE-2nd Transmitter 😭



@Thomas That is a piece of information I neglected to document. Boxes are long gone. I’ll be sure to note the next ones.


if i have a G5 transmitter from 2 years ago that i have never used, is it still functional or does it expire despite the lack of its use?


@daisymae I think the batteries do not start discharging until the transmitter has been connected to a sensor. So in theory it should still work.


Weekly G5 Transmitter Update: 172 days!

Well, it appears as if the batteries are getting stronger!

Resistance has decreased to 592, and I really have not seen it over 600 this past week. What seems even more amazing is that voltage A and B are slightly increased as well.

It’s looking like all previous guesses on this transmitter’s longevity will be out the window.

Dexcom: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking :grin:


Almost forgot the now obligatory puppy picture.

From her puppy training graduation about six weeks ago. Given her current state of behavior I think I’m going to request a refund!



That is absolutely amazing. This is radically changing some of the understanding I had of the G4 and G5.


So do I get the Price is Right dead transmitter then? i think that was my guess…


@TiaG Can’t have my dead transmitter yet, it’s still going strong!

G5 Transmitter Weekly Update

Still going strong at 179 days! Resistance holding steady at 587, not even close yet to the dreaded 1000 mark.

The only puzzling glitch is that Voltage B has dropped below 300 to 299. Looks like that battery will be the Achilles heel. The question still is when it will fail.

But if it fails this week, well six months isn’t too bad.


I am thinking there must be a hidden movement-driven battery charger somewhere in your G5… You have a custom model!


Nah, I think that cell B will fall off a cliff at some point, and the then it will be done in quickly.


Looks like the end is near. Voltages are low and looks like they’re ready to plummet, and the transmitter to burn and die.

Note how xDrip+ now highlights these values in red. It’s already given me two notifications that the transmitter is almost dead.


Still pretty amazing that you have used it for almost a half a year!


Awe :upside_down_face:


Hi. I just joined this incredible group. I started my dexcom 5 on tax day, have been using xdrip+ and have already extended the battery life by 1 month. Could you tell me how you get that status screen? Mine is much less informative.
I’m not sure if this screen shot uploaded correctly.


Hi @Osoblu Welcome to the best DOC on the interwebs. Glad you joined us!

You can get other status pages simply by swiping left. The next one, the G5 status page, is the one with all of the juicy information.


I don’t remember, can you view the data on-line via Clarity with xDrip+ also? How do you see the trending data with xDrip? (past 7, 14, 30, 90 days data as you see online with Clarity/glooka)


@ClaudnDaye Harold, it’s all there. Just but the “hamburger” menu in the upper right, go to statistics, and you get all kinds of info for today, yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days. Here’s a sample.

Also, you can get a daily glucose track with daily stats by going to history.


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xDrip+ on iPhones?

Well, almost dead. It’s been 186 days.

Been getting notifications from xDrip+ that the transmitter is almost dead for about a week now. Resistance is still pretty good (under 700), but the batterys’ voltages are just about ready to fall off of the cliff.
(Note that they are highlighted in red by the app)

These are the notifications I’ve been getting

On my last transmitter I only got the notification twice before the transmitter died. So this one doesn’t seem like it’s going to go quietly without a fight.


Well, the transmitter that wouldn’t die, died last night. Because I use the watch to connect to the transmitter the readings just stopped without any notification on the phone.

I woke up because my Bg was low at about 6am and noticed I had not gotten a reading for about five hours.

Unfortunately, I botched the screenshot (Bg was 45 so I’m not surprised), but Voltage A was 256 and Voltage B was about 230. Resistance was, remarkably only 557.

I think it lasted for a week and a half after the voltage dropped below 300 because the resistance stayed fairly low. @Chris, is this a valid assumption?

But the transmitter lasted for 191 days!
That is nearly twice as long as the Dexcom controlled 105 day limit. We’ll see how long the new one that I started this morning will last.