How Long Does a G5 Transmitter REALLY Last? **UPDATE-Transmitter Died** UPDATE-New Transmitter ***UPDATE-2nd Transmitter 😭



I’ll guess 161 mostly because I used to watch The Price is Right, and I believe the batteries might actually speak to @Thomas. So, something close without going over. If @TiaG is right, I’ll be inpressed! Actually already so impressed with xdrip and with your battery, @docslotnick.


Time for the weekly update.

Although voltages are still excellent (as previously discussed by @Chris that would be expected), resistance is consistently now in the 600’s, so we know the end is coming, but how soon we still don’t know. Transmitter death is over 1000.

150 days (45 days over advertised life) is pretty good, hoping to get at least another 21 days.

P.S. I saw a screen shot on the gitter feed for xDrip+ and it showed 167 days! Resistance was over 1000 and the transmitter was still functioning properly.


This is the gitter screen shot I was referencing. Again, this is not my transmitter, it’s one of the other poster’s on gitter.

Incredibly, resistance is over 1300 on this transmitter and it still registers as OK and it’s still functioning properly.

sorry, you have to tap on the image to see the pertinent stats


Weekly Update on my G5 transmitter with xDrip+

It’s still going strong after 158 days! So far I’ve gotten 53 days longer than advertised use of 105 days.

Resistance is at 629, but the fluctuations have been at a slightly higher range than the previous week. So it is wearing out, but the question is still “when will it die?”.

Stay tuned.


Incredible…I need to figure out xDrip…this is HUGE savings. We spend thousands of dollars each year on these, as I’m sure everyone does…I need to get serious about this. Did you ever finish that guide you were working on, @docslotnick?


I have been so busy with work, home remodeling and a new puppy that I’ve not been able to spend much time on the guide. I’ll do my best to get it finished and up ASAP.


and a new puppy

Not to hijack this thread, but pictures!!!


Here ya go.



Weekly G5 Transmitter Update:

165 days, fully 60 days past the advertised 105 day Dexcom shut off.

Another week, and things are pretty much unchanged. Resistance is still hovering in the 575-640 range, so really no end is in sight.

I did call PumpsIt to order new sensors. They told me I needed new transmitters as well, that the last one would end in about a month. I told that I hadn’t even started the second transmitter and explained to her what I was doing. She did tell me to be sure to use the second one before the year was up so the warranty would still be in effect :joy:.

Who knows, this first one of the lot may still be working at the end of the year!


Will they send you sensors with no transmitter?


I’ll find out shortly if insurance considers that. But PumpsIt has no problem just sending sensors.


My provider will do it. They are under two separate device ID’s. They don’t track it and say, “No, you will also need to get this ____ item before we are allowed to send you the other item…”

So I bring that up because…I have an idea that possibly helps everyone.


And the puppy is doing great! Here’s another photo of her being deprived.


Yeah, I’m sure that’s how it works. A couple years ago the DME got the sensors approved but couldn’t get the insurance to approve the transmitter or receiver. It took me about six months to get that one straightened out.


I expect that would work with no problem in non-Medicare situations. Certainly our insurance uses distinct billing codes for the receiver, sensors and transmitters.

G5 transmitter warranty is good for 3 months from “First Use” (which probably means take it out of the box) provided that “First Use” occurs within 5 months from “date of shipment” to the purchaser.


@Thomas Thank you for the clarification. So I guess I’m already out of warranty.


While that may be so you appear to be doing better on your own as opposed to relying on the warranty. Plus it sounds like you are having fun doing so. Bonus.

We have been using Dexcom for about 5 or 6 years now and have never required a transmitter replacement under warranty. Sensors on the other hand - a number of times. Likely the sensors were our fault but each time we explained (to Dex Tech Support) what happened and Dexcom would send us out a single sensor replacement. Probably haven’t gotten a sensor replacement for a couple years now. Maybe we are finally getting good at the sensor insertion.



Do you have an idea why your experiment with the last transmitter ended up so much earlier?


Really the only difference is the last one was used for about 2/3 of its life with the Dexcom receiver. This one has only been used with xDrip+. I don’t know if or why that would make a difference.

I’ll definitely document the next one after this one dies so at least we’ll have two out of three results.


What was the difference between the SB Date from the packaging and the start of the first session for both transmitters?