How do you handle those unknowns eating out?

So I’ll be eating at a friends house tonight and really want to not be stressed over my BG (so far I haven’t been doing too well on not stressing when out). We’re eating gumbo (which means rice, too), and a spice cake for dessert. I’ve been playing around with dosing Novolog first, then Afrezza if/when things really start to climb, or Afrezza first, with a follow up (complete guess) of Novolog to cover what’s still digesting when the Afrezza wears off. I haven’t yet figured out which of these strategies works best; have had mixed results from both. Any tips? Has anyone just stacked Afrezza doses (all I have left are 8s)?

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Just use afrezza when eating out that’s where it really shines, it allows you to just dose after you eat… though that’s a lot easier to do when you still have 4s also to hit it again later if needed…

Trying to juggle two different kinds of bolus is not conducive to minimizing stress while eating out and socializing… although I agree sometimes that works really well.

Yeah, I always get slammed with a delayed spike 2-3 hours later when I eat out, which is why I initially started trying to dose Novolog at the 1hr post mark to try to head off that spike. It worked well at first, but I haven’t been experimenting consistently (trying to conserve my “stash”), so my guesses have been off lately.

Eureka! I just found two 4s. I’ll try 8 upfront and a 4 if I spike later.


That’s a pretty good recipe for success for me usually

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I don’t know why I would have watched it, since I can’t even get Afrezza in my country, but there’s someone on YouTube who shows you how to split cartridges into smaller doses.


@Beacher, he is one of us! Here is the thread:

It was a request by the forum :slight_smile:


Afrezza is not available in Australia (where I live) either… but I get it from InternationalPharmacy for full price because it’s 10x better than injectable insulin. It’s completely legal, too. Maybe your country has this sort of provision?

Because of the price, I mainly use NovoRapid (Novolog) and reserve Afrezza for particular fast-digesting foods and getting very high BGs under control quickly.


@Beacher (and @Michel), thanks! I did watch that video at some point; I just haven’t gotten around to trying it. I need to call my docs office - they were supposed to get some samples for me.

Just got home and checked - 205, 2.5 hours after eating. :scream: Thought I was doing ok, considering - ate two small bowls of gumbo (with rice - probably should’ve just avoided the rice since it’s bee problematic for me unless I prepare it myself). At 1 hr (after 8u Afrezza 30 mins prior, and a cupcake), I was at 174, inhaled a 4, down to 154 30 mins after that, so dosed 1u Novolog to bring it down to the 90s…wasn’t thinking about a possible delayed spike. Hopefully this last 8 Afrezza will take care of things.

Plus side is despite the 174, I wasn’t too bothered and just kept correcting and moving on - that’s a first. I’m going to go try to distract myself with tv and folding laundry so I can keep not being bothered. :wink:

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Second question…how soon would you stack correctional doses of Afrezza for stubborn highs that don’t budge (@Sam)?

If you’re finger poking a lot and you’ve seen no response after 30m I’d double down… if you’re only half heartedly following I’d wait for an hour

Of course that depends on how you’d dosed initially. If you dosed afrezza more than. 60m ago forget it ever happened and move on to next decision as if last never happened.


LOL! Yup, that’s exactly it - I was half heartedly following initially. I’ve dosed three 8s, one 4 (and that useless 1u Novolog) in 3 hours time, and it’s finally coming back down (169 @20 mins after the last 8). Just was curious for next time if being more aggressive hitting it at 30 minutes was a crazy idea. Fat is evil.

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If it’s coming down ignore and get on with life. Test 1:00 to 1:30 later and respond accordingly unless of course you start feeling weird then check immediately


Thank you!