Custom Afrezza Doses - Making 2U Cartridges

Here it is, folks!


@mentat, this is OUTSTANDING! It really deserves its own thread. When I am home tonight I will split it off!

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@mentat Nice job!

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Wow, this is really useful information, thank you @mentat!


No need, thanks for showing me how, I will now perform a modjob

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Awesome @Chris!

Thanks for this video! So helpful!

Any ideas about how to create a makeshift 2 unit holder that can be more precise with measurement?

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Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. A tiny, tiny test tube would be ideal. Well, if you had a tiny funnel.

Hmm… cut open a plastic pipette? Or syringe? Pump cartridge? I’ll have a think…


I admit I was a little skeptical of the ability to split cartridges without just making a mess of the process— but it seems you’re on to something that may work quite well for you and other people who need very small doses (I honestly didn’t even know the cup could be removed like that without a fight). I find that the 4s aren’t too large for me personally in very many cases…


@mentat @Katers87 I hope you are still following and will see this. I saw your video before I started using Afrezza. I split my 12u cartridges into 5 cartridges. Basically, I consider them 2u cartridges which allows for small amounts left on my 2u tool. I found a framing wire in Home Depot that I can bend to make a little handle and formed a little scoop on the other end to make 5 evenly divided cartridges. I save the yellow 12u empties so that I know they are my 2u doses since I never use 12u.

I never said thank you or expressed how much I appreciated you posting the video. It has been a big help to me. Most of the time I use 4u but the 2’s come in very handy.

Also, someone once mentioned that they were color blind and how difficult it is to tell the 4u blue from the 8u green. I am not color blind but I totally agree! I wish they would change those shades.

Thanks again!!


@Jattzl I’m still alive! Here is some bulk Afrezza cutting action. Your technique might be easier than mine. Maybe you could make a video?


The red-painted ones are 6s


It is so good to hear from you and I am glad you saw my post! I love the pic of your “workshop”. I have my little set up also but not as elaborate and impressive lol! I basically use your technique with my little tweaks of a makeshift tool and color coding. I’m not skilled or comfortable with video :flushed::relaxed:

Side story. A complicated fiasco with the specialty pharmacy and my dr’s wording in the script in the beginning caused me to get my order in 12u cartridges. I got it cleared up and the correct order was shipped. But a huge blessing out of it was they told me to keep the 12u cartridges which gave me a great supply of 2u’s, 3u’s and 6u’s!!! WooHoo.

Little things that help to encourage perseverance through the tough times :blue_heart:


I encourage you to give it a shot, Sam. It has made using Afrezza pretty much completely doable for me in many more situations where I could not have been able to due to it being too high of a dose.


Me neither. I took one for the team :wink: . I hate the sound of my voice -_-

Perhaps you could take a picture of your tool? I’m curious.


Sorry for the delay. Been recovering. :frowning:

I got tired of messing with my homemade tool and searched for something online. Well, who knew there was such a market for micro powder spoons! The ones I ordered are from Amazon and I also order metal micro scoops too. Here is the link for the company who makes them. They work great! I use the black 6 milligram size.

Here is a picture of the size.

Let me know what you think!!


I’ve noticed your absence but also noticed your presence at the same time. Been thinking about you. Hope everything is okay?

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Cool spoons, do you scoop, level off and then dump like you were baking something?

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They are so great! I have passed them out to everyone in my support group :crazy_face: They are used in labs for measuring powders to capsules etc so they are anti-static which means the powder just falls right out. No tapping or leaving powder on spoon. As a result, I have learned that a slightly rounded black is 2u. They come in different sizes and each size is a different color. I actually make 1u, 2u and 3u cartridges. It seems counter-intuitive to Afrezza dosing but it helps me tweak numbers like I would with micro-bolusing on my pump. I am very insulin sensitive. I mainly use 2, 3 and 4u’s,

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Also the website link says they are sold out. I get mine on Amazon.

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