Afrezza & upcoming endo appt

Really sorry the first day is so hard! All of our regimen changes have been tough, and working through it is always a slog! But many of them pan out in the end :slight_smile:

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Would you know if they had? I bet they have all sorts of medical info on you. You sign away your right to deny their access to it generally when you get treatment and they pay for it. I only know about this issue in particular because they want A1cs and chart notes more often than I’d otherwise get them, so it’s always holding up my Dexcom transmitter reorders. I find that out from Dexcom though when they can’t fill the order and my endo hasn’t responded to their requests (for non existant paperwork)—if it all just went through, I would never have heard about it.

I guess I dont know for sure, but them wanting more info has never been a problem for anything. The only thing they’ve ever asked for is accident forms to be filmed out when anyone in the family has been treated for specific injuries…

Yeah I’m sure your insurance has gotten all sorts of info on you. It’s just that they’ve gotten whatever they wanted and accepted whatever they got as sufficient.

Maybe… although it’s a member owned non-profit plan… seems to be nowhere near as nightmarish as everyone else’s

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That is lucky!

I tried using Afrezza again yesterday. I’ve been alternating between my Humalog pen or Afrezza whenever I feel like it. Things are going much better :smile:

I don’t know what happened on Tuesday (maybe I wasn’t breathing in all the powder?), but I’m glad things are working better now.



Are you starting to get a feel for dosing?

That’s what I feel most uncertain of. Probably silly of me.

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As long as I’m correcting for a true high or eating, I seem to be able to estimate my doses pretty well. That’s just over the last 36 hours, so we’ll see if that continues. I wish that they had one size smaller though because I can’t correct for a high unless my blood sugar is over 160 because I’ll drop too low.


If you would like to roll your own, to get the smaller size, here is the link:


I’ll look into it. Interesting idea. Thanks for posting the link.


keep it in perspective too… you’re comparing your results with liquid insulin that young have decades of experience with, you’re just starting to experiment with this stuff… and already you’re seeing pretty decent results? If the tables were turned and you’d only ever taken 3 or 4 doses of liquid bolus would you be achieving the kind of results afrezza gives you?


I have novolog and Tresiba now

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I’ve been making quite heavy use of my 2-u cartridges recently. They’re especially handy around exercise. Normally a 4 will get me down from 270 to my target but when I’m bicycling, a 2-u can even be to much.


How do you obtain 2 unit cartridges?

I take old 4u cartridges and put stickers on them.

Watch my video :wink:


Lol. Oh, sorry! Didn’t make the connection :smile:

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For those of you considering trying Afrezza, I wanted to mention some pretty awesome benefits I’m experiencing. My Dexcom Clarity report now shows that I spend 0% (which I think really means <1%) of the time in the urgent low range. Before, this was generally 2%, but sometimes 1% or 3%. This last week, my time spent in the high range has been 8% lower than in the past as well.

I wanted to post an update because I had originally reported such negative results. I think it just takes time to figure out how things work. I’m still working through the kinks, but there are some huge benefits to this insulin.


@Katers87, that is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this!


Yep, it’s amazing stuff…

Makes me roll my eyes when I hear people say the dosing is crude lol it’s just so many light years ahead of everything else that people can’t understand it with their outdated concepts