Afrezza: packaging and use?

I am really naive with the different sizes that it comes in.

How exactly is it packaged? And how are the different sizes used?

How can it be purchased for a month (or three) (i…e in what combinations of quantities)? What makes sense for a teenager or a young adult?


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I use 4u and 8u cartridges, although they do come in 12u now as well. I get a 3 month supply and in the boxes I receive have 90 cartridges in them. 60 4u and 30 8u with 2 inhalers. I think this would be a good combination for a young adult. Depending on how carby one’s meals are and how often you may want to look into getting the 12u boxes as well.

I just looked up Afrezza on Cigna and here are the options :

POW 4 (60) & 8 (30) UNIT
POW 4 (30) & 8 (60) UNIT
POW 4 (90) & 8 (90) UNIT/CART
POW 4 (90) & 8 (90) & 12 (90) UNIT/CART

I may try some 12u on my next order, but I don’t see the need to use them very often. There have only been a couple instances when I puffed an 8u and 4u back to back.


Sam and Mike are Afrezza champs. I have only used it a few times

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Historically is has been sold in boxes of 90 cartridges, either all 4s, all 8s, all 12s, or 60/30 splits of 4/8, 8/4, 8/12, 12/8

Recently they’ve also introduced their “titration packs” that are an even split of each designed to help new users figure out what dosage they’ll need… but it sounds like some people are just ordering those month after month.

I’ll be the first to admit that ironing out the dose and quantity is a little more tricky than it is with liquid insulin because the prescribed has to sift through a more complicated array of possibilities than just “X units per day” like they do with others… so a little bit of self advocacy is sometimes required to get it right between the pharmacy, the patient, and the prescriber

What doses a teen or young adult needs will of course depend on how they eat and their level of insulin sensitivity… I would agree that the best place to start is probably with a combination of 4s and 8s…