How do you build you own meter?


I think this will be a fun experiment to try at home, but I can’t find any links or pdfs. Anyone have ideas?


I don’t think you will find plans, but this is possible. If you want to do it electrochemically i.e. the same way your meter works you need glucose oxidase, a buffer solution and an electrochemical cell, i.e. a Potentiometer, a reference electrode and your working electrodes.

An inexpensive way would be to use something like this for your working electrode system, which includes the working and reference electrodes.

Again, not easy, but completely doable.


If you want to do it chemically there are ways to do that as well with a titration.


Thanks for the link Chris, I’ll be sure to use it!


If you manage to cobble something together, make sure to post pics and plans, that would be fun. There might be an inexpensive potentiometer out there that is designed for college lab use.