Home made Glucos tablets/candy

Hello everyone!

My partner is a Type 1 Diabetic and as many do, uses Dex 4 to treat her lows at times. Though she is not very fond of them. As someone who enjoys baking and cooking etc, I have been looking into creating some type of home made substitute in candy or gummy form. I have found some basic recipe’s for gummies using sugar and glucose syrup that would likely do the trick, however I wondered if anyone with more experience in this sort of thing may have some advice or recipe’s. Something to make them as close to being as good (quality, fast acting etc) as the Dex 4 tablets.

Thank you so much in advance, I look forward to any and all replies.
Have a wonderful morning, afternoon or night! <3


I don’t have a recipe, but agree the glucose tabs aren’t very tasty… I use lifesavers candy…a bit crunchy though :wink: but 4 will do a 15 carb correction and act fairly fast if you can chew them


I prefer the chalky glucose tablets for the very reason they are not pleasant. To me they are medicine not a treat.


Welcome to FUD @iPhetus, I don’t think that question has been asked here, so I am as excited as you to read the answers.


Fair enough! :slight_smile: She doesn’t share your perspective I’m afraid.


I like Mega-Smarties for rapid carbs: 3 g each, tart-sweet, and available in 24-packs on Amazon.