High blood levels - help

High blood sugar levels


Usually I have good sugar levels, and my A1C is really good … last time, it was 6.3. But something is change in last 3 days. It’s very high, sometimes 12, 15, etc … and I can not put them down. They are like freeze. I do not know why. I change my dose but nothing. What can cause that?
I have proliferative rethinopatia, so, I’m little bit scary when i see results. Can this influence on my eyes, as if this last a few days? Do I need to see a doctor? I Feel Fine, a little nervous but nothing more.

Please, tell me yours experiences and what you did to change that.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hi slax84!

What type of diabetes do you have?
You say your glucose levels have changed in the last 3 days. Has anything else changed? There are many factors that can affect your glucose levels, e.g. diet, physical activity, stress, medicines.

Are you talking about insulin? If so, have you changed your basal or bolus dose?

I don’t think being high for a couple of days will do any noticeable damage, but I have to admit I don’t know much about proliferative retinopathy.
It may be wise to see an endo or CDE if nothing helps.

thank you,

well I thought about that …nothing much really ,maybe I’m a little bit under stress,maybe hormons …but nothing unusually . I’m type 1 ( 17 year already ) …this is strange for me …and I 'm little bit frightening because of complications. I don’t know how that can influence on my eyes. It’s always on my mind . I know that I will win in this battle but I want fast results… maybe some adwice …how you do that when you have something like that.

Battling high glucose levels can be tough. When I have weeks of high glucose levels they’re often due to a lack of physical activity. Usually I try to get them down by increasing my basal and bolus dose, but figuring out the right doses can take quite some time.

A few days of being high won’t have any impact on long term complications—that takes much much longer. This so far is just a blip on the radar, and even many diabetes in good control have those. So I wouldn’t worry about your eyes etc. The bigger thing to keep an eye out for is ketones/ketoacidosis with short term running highs.

Could be a bunch of things: infections of any sort (requires a lot more insulin than usual), stress (same), your insulin going bad (if you can, may be worth trying some from a new vial or pen), medications that interfere with blood sugars/insulin (like oral or injected cortisone)…

Thank you very much for your answers, it 's very kind of you. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone with this . I will listen you and looking for solutions.


@slax84 First, welcome to FUDiabetes! Our goal is to have quick, easy access to the cutting edge of real life diabetes information, and to give you a place to ask and answer any questions you may have.

In reference to your question and concern I pretty much agree with the previous answered given. I don’t think you will find any T1 diabetic who hasn’t dealt with persistent highs or lows at some point.

A few days of hyperglycemia is not likely to cause any lasting problems. As long as you monitor ketones and don’t over react with correction boluses you should be fine.

Just remember, what goes up must come down.

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One of the things I will try with unexplained and persistent highs is a pump site change.


Sometimes I will go ahead with a syringe shot just to make sure it isn’t the pump site, also.

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