Help: shock cord DIY

My son has a nylon glucose bag that is really light and comfortable, and which he really likes:

But it does not have a shock cord assembly outside – it would be useful to have one so as to be able to use a Frio bag on the outside when needed. I have been looking for the right parts and ideas to sew some such thing together on his bag, but I am not finding anything just right - neither the parts nor the right design/ tutorial. I am looking to do something more or less like this out of shock cord:

Any ideas from a sewing/ outdoors gear master?

For things like this, being durable is always more of a concern than aesthetics. So for sewing things like this, I use braided saltwater fishing line. Make sure you use braided, not regular fishing line.

Something like 40 pound test is easy to work with, but would withstand just about anything you could dish out.

Use a big needle sewing it. After you have knotted it, singe the ends first, and then paint the knot with a coat of acrylic (something like a fingernail polish). That will never come apart.

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Thanks for the great tip!

What would you use for the tie-out loops to feed the shock cord through? I can’t find anything off-the-shelf that is made for the specific job.

Not sure if you are referring to the cinch assembly.

There are a lot of things like this you can pick from:

If you mean just something to run the cord through, you can use a piece of canvas strap and double it over to make a loop, and sewing it down.

For the cinch assemblies, beware that some of them are not very strong. You need to find one with a strong spring to hold it securely.

On Amazon, search for “cord lock”.

That’s what I mean. I did try just folding over some strong nylon strip, but there was quite a bit of friction. I wish I could find just the right thing, something like this:

Ok, to pass the cord through without friction, either a clip attached with a canvas strap:

Or a grommet punch (if there is a free edge you can attach it to):

I post this link, not because the bag is great, (it is too big) but they have a nice and easy shock cord approach that should work for you.

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And now I see on the other thread, that you already have a bag like above, and my comment is totally not needed. :frowning:

On the contrary! Great pic – that’s just what I am trying to craft on the LC nylon bag. But I have not been able to find nice tie-out loops to feed the shock cord through.