Have to Remove G5 Transmitter Every Day

I had to remove my G5 Transmitter when I had a MRI. Not a big deal.

Well the MRI showed I had a bone infection in my foot. (Poor blood circulation). Next step is to try to cure the bone infection with HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. With HBO, I have to breath 100% Oxygen in a pressurized chamber every day, for 90 minutes, for 30-40 days.

Like the MRI, I have to remove my transmitter when I lie inside the chamber. After, I had hoped I could restart my CGM when I put the G5 transmitter back in. It seems like every time you remove the transmitter you have wait 2 hours for the sensor. Anybody know if this is correct or if there is a way to bypass the 2 hour wait period?

2nd Separate Question. I use the Xdrip Application with my Dexcom G5. I am trying to reset the Transmitter days to zero to get a few extra days, maybe 40, out of my transmitter. My G5 transmitter is currently at 102 days. I tried “Enable Engineering Mode” and then “Hand Reset Transmitter” but it does not reset my transmitter days in the System Status. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?


The only way I know is to trick the transmitter into thinking it has been continuously attached to a sensor. If you have lots of extra sensors, you could do this by moving the transmitter from your sensor onto a transmitterless sensor that someone else is wearing. (Without delay: the transmitter must not remain off a sensor for very long. 30 seconds is ok, I’m not sure that 2 minutes is ok.)

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@RCA221 I think you can try a couple things.

  1. Don’t stop the session when you take the transmitter off of the sensor. The session should just continue with errors until you reattach the transmitter after your treatment, and just pick up where it left off. Or,

  2. if you stop the session and need to start it again, just set the time you restart 2 hours previous. This will result in only having to wait for three readings from the transmitter (about 15 minutes) before calibration.

You may have less of a problem if you don’t use Native mode.

But the best plan is to get better quickly!

Also, you don’t need to reset the G5 transmitter to get extra days. It will just keep going until the battery is dead.


Thanks for the idea but I’m not a likely candidate for that.

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Hi Doc,

This is the last step before the toes come off and who knows how far up foot/leg they will go as I cannot heal without a decent flow of blood.

RE 1: Ok I will try this. I have had two HBO sessions and I think I stopped the sensor each time.
RE 2: I will try this if 1: doesn’t work.

Before I take the sensor off I am changing G5 from Native mode because I am on day 102 and I think that could cause and end of life problem with transmitter in native Mode. Tomorrow I will switch back to Native mode and the following day will will make sure I am not in native mode.

“Also, you don’t need to reset the G5 transmitter to get extra days. It will just keep going until the battery is dead.” I didn’t know that. The life of my sensor keeps going when not in Native mode. So the same thing will happen with the transmitter if NOT in native mode? Then would I use engineering mode only if I am in Native mode?

As always, much appreciated and thanks.

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I hope the treatment works for you, and you get to keep all the little pigs in the proper place. I also hope you figure out how to get the G5 working as you would like.

Thanks me too!

Yes, the transmitter will keep going just like the sensor in non Native mode. I’ve had G5 transmitters work for 180-190 days. It was wonderful. G6 is a different story.

And do tell them to leave your little piggies alone!

Perfect I’ll keep it in non-native mode until it extends. HAHA. I thank you. My piggies thank you. And anything else that needs blood to function thanks you.

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