Had a surprise this morning when I took off my cycling shorts

Not a complaint, just curious.

All through summer, a very hot summer, I never had an issue with an infusion set. This morning I rode with some friends, a bit cool to start and very comfortable at the end. My readings ran a little high and then started coming down after an hour of riding. On the way home it started up again, so I did a correction bolus.

Much to my surprise when slipped of the Lycra, the set had come loose. I could see a mark on the front of my thigh where it had moved to from the side of my leg. I guess all my basal and the correction I did was soaking into my shorts.

I know that some have issues with sensors and sets coming unglued, but this is a first for me.


Where do you insert your infusion set? Mine is on my abdomen, and I haven’t had any problems like that.

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I use a pattern up and down both outer thighs and love handles. I avoid the frontal abdomen because of surgical scars.


I think that I may not have allowed enough slack under the shorts. The constant motion of the leg may have pulled the set loose. I just need to be more careful in the future.

Skin Tac works really well as an extra adhesive.The bottle lasts a long time. I have to use it for my Dexcom, but I also use a Libre for swimming and while I haven’t had issues with the Libre coming off, I use Skin Tac on it as a precaution too.


I cover the infusion set or Dexcom sensor patch with a large layer of Tegaderm or equivalent whenever I think I may sweat it off or snag it on something. The worst sweat comes up under the adhesive to loosen it, not washing down. Happens mostly when I’m working hard outdoors, sometimes bike riding.