Guardian connect with a smart watch

Hi there, can I pair thr new guardian connect to a smart watch directly for a child who is not using an insulin pump?

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I hope someone knows the answer to this one. We don’t have a bunch of guardian connect questions, so looking forward to the answer.

This says it can connect to smartwatch, but not alot of details. Looks like you need both phone and watch.

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"You can view push-notifications (for example, alerts and status notifications) on any smartwatch that is compatible with a Guardian™ Connect compatible mobile device. Guardian™ Connect system customers can view additional data on their mobile device app. " From their website…in short, probably not, however, with their connect system, as long as the phone is nearby, it should be fine…to view actual glucose results on a phone, they will probably have to use xdrip and an Android/ Google wear watch… I haven’t confirmed guardian, however, i can confirm libre, Dexcom, and eversense… Dexcom will work without a phone on certain watches for a few hours, but its safer to have the phone in the vicinity

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Hi everyone,

I’m new here but not to diabetes. I was diagnosed at 9, and now going on my 30th year. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m wearing the newest MiniMed 770G System that uses a similar Guardian Link technology. My integrated CGM is a little different than the standalone Guardian Connect because all my high/low limits and alerts are set in the SmartGuard feature of my insulin pump, not on my mobile device. Other than that, it’s my understanding that the Guardian Connect App and the MiniMed Mobile App, which is what I’m using on my phone, are the same. I can monitor real-time sensor glucose, track up to 24 hours with the handy graph, got all the event markers, all that cool stuff.

That said, even having Medtronic’s newest technology, I can confirm that what RogerType1 said is true. I have a Google Pixel 3 and wear a TicWatch Pro with WearOS. All devices must be within range, about 20 ft. My watch gets the same push notifications that are enabled on my phone, such as high/low alerts, rise alerts, etc., and will show the sensor glucose reading that set off the alert. It’s awesome, I love it, but I cannot check my watch for real-time monitoring. I’m hoping Medtronic finds a way to support this in the future.

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I think that all of us, regardless of system, are waiting for a workable system that will work with the watch as the CGM’s primary collector. Just seems like the battery tech isn’t there to support this short of either giving up the smart watch capability or having a gigantic device on your wrist.

Personally, I would not want all my CGM data collected on my watch, only because I wouldn’t have any use for it being there. On my phone, I see a 24 hour period with graph and event markers, which is enough for me to make daily corrections. From my phone, all CGM data gets uploaded daily to Medtronic’s CareLink, where I can generate reports of all kinds in PDF format as far back as I want for viewing on my phone, tablet or computer. My Endo has access to it too. For me, all the extended raw data is meaningless without the reports.

On my watch, I would just want a snapshot of current sensor glucose and duration of active bolus insulin (about a 3.5 hour period for me) with small graph. Currently, this (and some other things I wouldn’t need on my watch) are already shown on the small 1.5 inch screen of my insulin pump. This is a fraction of information with a huge benefit that, for me, is really all I need at a moment’s notice. It shows me my trending glucose and allows me to instantly react to a trending high or low, in the instance I’ve miscalculated a bolus.

Being able to glance at my watch instead of my pump would be a bajillion times better though. I’m no developer, but in the case of my system, I can’t imagine it would take anything more than a compatible Medtronic Smartwatch App that receives smaller pieces of the data already on my phone.

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#1 Install Android Notification Widget app. This turns persistent Guardian Connect Notification into Widget.

#2 Get Wearable Widgets app on watch and phone

#3 Real-time glucose on watch with flip of the wrist!!!

Using S21, Galaxy Watch 4

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Welcome to FUD @Krentley! Thanks for the helpful first post, and I hope to see you on the boards soon.