Got lots of alcohol swabs if you are short

Following @Eric’s recommendation early on, I purchased a large amount of reputable alcohol swab packs in 100 boxes, in individual sealed packaging.

If you are already a member, if you are short and can’t get them, I am happy to send you some for free. PM me.


Your offer is sweet!

I managed to get two boxes at Costco so we are good. But it took me four stores to find them. I asked a pharmacist at Rite Aid and she gave me ten from their supply which was very nice of her.


I asked the pharmacist about them a few weeks ago and she ordered them and put them behind the counter so nobody would grab them, and then she called me to say she had them.

I also got some from Amazon before they totally disappeared.


We have quite a stash as well… And it’s a good thing because the prescriptions we just picked up late last week were absent any alcohol wipes.

And people wonder why we “hoard”. :slight_smile:

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I actually just recently found a 4.2 lb box (800) wipes on Amazon very inexpensively. Guess I got supremely lucky