Good times


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Has anything new been introduced into the mix? New activity or food or anything?


Nothing. Just one of those crazy days that toddlers seem to encounter out of the blue on occasion. That was yesterday. Today is better. Just let it roll off.


I feel your pain Harold. We get the same every couple of months. Seems like when those night hormones hit and the yo-yo gets started it takes up to a couple of days to die down.

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It is always better if he is having fun when it happens than if he is sick.

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Samson’s been on spring break and he’s needed so much insulin!! I think it’s his being lazy and not having as much mental stimulation as preschool affords! And i guess he gets more activity. His grandma is looking after him and while she’s an active lady, her preference is to let them free play in the house, which means less running around.

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