Higher basal due to boredom?

Our son is home for the week and my husband and I are both still working, so he’s basically pottering about the house, watching TV, doing puzzles and playing with toys while one of us works. He hasn’t spent much of the day running around because our house is too small for that.

I’ve noticed he’s just been running a lot higher than when he goes to daycare. Does anyone find that being a sloth or just being bored can raise their insulin requirements?

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I haven’t noticed that effect lately. But in the past there were times when I had to double my basal just because I had vacation for a couple of days or weeks. And even then my BG sometimes refused to come down. Very frustrating.

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For sure… overall activity level will affect basil needs significantly… sometimes I think the fluctuations are temporary for example when I go to work and have a totally different lifestyle for a few weeks at a time I almost always have to go through a period of adjustment when I first get there then after a week or so will start drifting back towards the baseline

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Could be either the “sloth” or the “boredom”!

For me, boredom is the worst thing in the world, so just the stress of being bored could possibly raise my BG.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is how many things can raise BG beside carbs!

I’d like to emphasize this for parents - so many things can affect BG - your child’s mood at school, a fight with friends, an orthodontist braces tightening, etc.

I noticed this one time when I had to go to the ER for a non-D injury. I spiked like crazy just from the pain!


I guess we have to cut down on the sloth and boredom, haha!

He was running low at daycare last week so I was hoping to test out his settings this week and tweak – and now he’s running high, wouldn’t you know it.

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For us, if my son spends a couple if days without significant physical activities such as walking around a lot, his BG shoots up by about 10%+. By that I don’t mean sports. Just being a sloth rather than normal daily activities (for us).

I think it also significantly contributes to the sick day effect, when they stay in bed most of the day. I think some of the increased basal need then is due to the limited physical activity.

So for us I think it is 100% sloth and 0% boredom. But I could be wrong.