Raising basal rates during CoVid

During this time of self isolation and major inactivity (except for Eric, of course), we may be finding ourselves in need of extra insulin. YDMV, but I have noticed for myself that I have had to use an increased TB% as well as changing my ICRs.( I am also cutting way back on my carb intake and trying to stick more with lean proteins and veggies.)

Has anyone had to do this yet?


Funny you should ask…the past few nights I’ve had to reduce my basal to avoid dropping low. I’ve been trying to guess-figure if it’s time for my usual seasonal basal drop. It usually hits around the time we change our clocks. I’ve found myself eating a little less overall with this home confinement so maybe that accounts for a need for basal adjustment too.

I am convinced that the trick to avoiding total inactivity is just stay on your feet. Any time spent standing is way better than sitting around. More activity beyond that is of course better but I am making a conscious effort to not spend many daylight minutes on my butt.


Although today is Sunday, and I usually spend it doing not much of anything, I have been making a conscious decision to take walks outside with my husband, even if only for an hour. And even though I do already take Vitamin D supplements, there is nothing as good as the genuine thing : sunlight!!!

also, as we’ve stopped taking the (shared) elevator in our building (bc of SDing), we’ve been climbing up and down many flights of stairs (completely empty and we don’t know why others haven’t caught onto our scheme :wink:)

I guess I am just super aware of my BGs, my basal rates, my ICRs and my IS bc I am no longer able to swim during the week; my body has become totally confused by this lack of (more intense) exercise.

I am trying to keep my waking hours as “normal” as possible; keeping up my regular routines. (my house and my closets are spanking clean though!!!) doing anything that might fend off a depressive and hopeless state.


DM - Yes, so I decided last night that I would test my basal settings starting today because I noticed some changes in my late night/ over night numbers (particularly Midnight to 5am).

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on my perspective) my husband made his fabulous homemade pancakes…I couldn’t resist having a few.