Gochujang BBQ Ribs

Gochujang glazed pork ribs…mmmm

Something similar to this,


@Chris, I am having a hard time finding gochujang paste. Did you get it locally or on Amazon?

I found this interesting fast homemade gochujang recipe (although the ingredients may not be very easy to find):

The author has an interesting discussion on Gochujang here.

I made these this week, and they were a giant hit even though I doubled the sauce! Flavor and blood sugar both were home runs! @Chris, thank you so much!

@Michel, I’ll update with a link to the one I used.

ETA: something like this https://www.amazon.com/Sempio-Pepper-Paste-Gochujang-1-1lb/dp/B00O0WI1ZA

I got mine locally in a red box similar to this one. And our area doesn’t boast spectacular variety.

Sorry for the darkness. Getting the baby to bed.


Great! I just ordered it on Amazon! But it won’t arrive in time for this weekend.

So, instead, for the three racks I already bought to try @Chris’s recipe, I am improvising another recipe. I am using Sambal Oelek (Vietnamese red pepper and garlic paste), a whole 16 oz jar, to which I am adding a bunch of Splenda, some honey, soy sauce, lemon juice, rice vinegar and sesame oil.

I’ll let you know how it turns out :slight_smile:

Ooooohh I love this stuff.

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OK, we just had an ersatz of @Chris’s absolutely amazing-looking Gochujang ribs. They were delicious, even if I let them get a bit too dark! Here is a pic:

If anyone is interested, here is how I made them by modifying the original recipe given by Chris and turning it into a lowish-carb express recipe (no marinading):

1 lb of Sambal Ouelek (approx 40 grams carb)
3 tbspoons toasted sesame oil
3 tbspoons olive oil
3 tbspoons lower salt soy sauce
4 tbspoons seasoned rice vinegar (24 carbs)
2 tbspoons lemon juice
3 tbspoons of honey (51 carbs)
12 packets of Splenda (9 carbs)
3 racks of ribs (the way they come at Costco)

Mix all the ingredients for the BBQ sauce together. Apply 2/3 to the ribs. Put the racks, intact, in the oven at 350F, covered by aluminum foil. Leave for an hour.
After one hour, unfoil, cut racks into individual ribs, lather some of the remaining BBQ sauce with a paintbrush. Put back into oven at 450F. Every 15 minutes take out, turn, and lather again. it should be ready approximately 90 minutes later.

The three mistakes I made:

  • one large oven dish is not enough to take care of the individual ribs from 3 racks. I should have started with 2 large oven dishes.

  • I started convection at the beginning of the 450F phase – it dried the ribs a bit too fast

  • I did not set a timer for my 15-minute intervals, so I left the last interval too long and got the ribs too dark.

Carb content: total is about 144 carbs for 3 racks. I figure that 1/2 of the sauce is left on the bottom of the oven dishes, which leaves about 2 carbs per rib: this is comparatively quite low, I think, for very good BBQ ribs. These were delicious, many thanks to @Chris! I am really looking forward to trying the real Gochujang ribs recipe.


Sorry for not answering so quickly, I took my older son deer hunting. It was his first year going after bambi with a bow and arrow. He got within about 100 yards a couple of times, but not close to the 30 yards required for him to take a shot.

We can get Gochuchang at literally every grocery store I enter around here. With that said, our Asian grocery carries 12 varieties, but Whole Foods only carries two. They are both good, although one is much more expensive than the other. I can’t wait until you try it. Gochuchang is really good and has just a few carbs per serving. It comes in both bottles and tubs so sometimes the packaging can throw you for a loop.

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I’m pretty sure it’s Indonesian and ‘oelek’ is actually the Dutch spelling of Indonesian ‘ulek’.

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It is, but I purchased a Vietnamese version (only one I could find). I was trying to approximate the Gochujang recipe as I was not able to find the gochujang paste :frowning:

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I think you will find the Gochujang paste will have a lot less heat and much deeper flavor. It is a really interesting moderate carb flavoring agent. Also, if you want to make life a little easier on yourself, cut your ribs so each one has two ribs, then you will have an easier time managing three racks in your oven. To make things even easier, I cooked them in the oven covered, and then finished them on the grill when brushing on the sauce.


Added to my list of things to make in the near future. My kids and I are already rib fanatics. Thanks for the recipe!


Making this for a second time for @joshua’s birthday tonight! It was a big hit in these parts! Thanks, @Chris!!

ETA also a brilliant book club choice @katiereeder and @TiaG (as long at pork is an option), but I loved the chicken workaround too.


Making these (again) for the 4th or 5th time. Today is the first day we’ve tried it with toasted sesame oil. For some reason I was having trouble finding it before. @joshua tasted the sauce before I put the ribs in the oven and raved over it. So delicious! Thanks again for this recipe, @Chris!


P.S. major hit!!!

Always glad to point people towards delicious! Gochujang has become something of an obsession in our house. We found it sold in big tubs, and now we have it in eggs, soups, and many other incarnations. Yummy. It makes a mean deviled egg with dijon mustard and blue cheese dressing instead of mayo. Real low cal flavor bombs.

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We just got our Amazon Gochujang sauce after about a 6-week wait… We are making the ribs tonight!


As for @Irish, the ribs were a huge success at a particularly important moment: the boy’s birthday :slight_smile:

Because the Gochujang sauce arrived late today (huge stroke of luck btw after waiting 6 weeks), we had to shorten the recipe but it worked super well:

  • no marinade for the first hour of cooking
  • mix gochujang sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, splenda (to replace sugar), apply
  • baste periodically
  • there was enough sugar in the sauce to make a wonderfully caramelized glaze

The taste was fabulous. This is now going to our regular repertory!