Glucagon Noob—but up for a good experiment


So the solid glucagon tab is still in solid form in the vial and the syringe still has the liquid and nothing has been done. Which means this is simply an older Glucagon kit.

As opposed to a previously used kit.
(Just checking… I found the wording sightly ambiguous.)

Ignore me and drive on.



I used one from 2014 and it was 3 years old and I had no problem.

Seriously, just use the oldest first.

@Nickyghaleb, “use by July 2013” doesn’t seem too bad! I’m wearing nightshirts way older than that still.


I really should’ve actually taken one of these things out before coming into this particular group asking questions.

I’m not asking any more questions or making eye contact with anyone else till I get it all out of its little packages tomorrow. :no_good_woman:t2:





Sub-q or IM?!

The needle that comes with the Lilly kit is a beastly 5/8 inches (16mm). That tells me that while IM may not be absolutely necessary, the makers of the kit are definitely not afraid of it going IM.

Cut out the middle-man (slower absorption from fatty tissue), and go IM. It won’t cause you any problems and it will be faster. :+1:


Been playing with glucagon for the last couple of days. Can’t tell if I’m doing it right. :grin:

I do know it doesn’t lower my blood sugar. I have been able to conclude that much. Any conclusion beyond that is going to take a more organized experiment.

I do have a question, and if this reveals the fact I haven’t read the other glucagon threads yet even though I said I would, I’d like to confess now I haven’t read the other threads yet… My question is if the solid form of glucagon doesn’t really ever expire, and the adding of water is what gives it that short-lived “good by” period, is there any way to break up the tablet and store in pieces? It would be wonderful to be able to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and do a quick shot rather than eating a pound of skittles. Getting sick of the skittles. Really sick of the skittles.

Or should I go read the threads because all of this and more is on them? :thinking:

So basically you are saying that Glucagon should be treated the same as Nuclear Fusion.

I totally agree.

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Maybe… Looking up Nuclear Fusion now.

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Yes. I wrote that up a while ago. I can try to find it for you.

Quick version of what I wrote…

The way to do it is break the tablet into powder, divide the powder into equal portions (such as 1/5th). And then store those portions in different syringes.

When you want to use a portion, draw some solution into one of those syringes (careful not to inject back into the solution vial), roll it to mix, and inject.

The syringes give you a nice waterproof sterile place to store it.

Make sense?

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Makes perfect sense. By “solution” you mean what comes in the vial in the actual kit? Right?

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Also, once you’ve drawn solution into the syringe and have rolled it to dissolve the glucagon powder, expel the air from the syringe and then inject.

If you divide the powder into 1/5ths, that would mean you need to take 20 units of solution into the syringe (because that is also 1/5th of the solution amount).

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I think I’ll try to set me up some syringes and will try it a couple of times during the daytime.

Any way to do this without looking like a junkie? I feel like this is gonna make people nervous. :grin:

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Wash your hair and wear clothes that fit. Then no one will notice what you’re doing with white powder or needles. :grin:

It’s the same reason Lewis Black’s uncontrollable anger works for his stand up routine. Bc he wears a suit. When he wears his regular casual clothes, his way of talking makes him look like a psycho, homeless person. No offense to homeless people.

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So then you mean avoid doing it in my typical state…

Like not to do it tonight. Or maybe not tomorrow… Saturday looks good.

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I was just thinking that my hair has passed the point where it looks passably clean in a ponytail (like it gets those hair bubbles that just shine…and you purposefully don’t brush it bc it puts rows in your hair that give you away)…but I do not feel like washing/straightening it tonight…or tomorrow…hmmm…

And I’m calling my oversized sweatshirt a “tunic” to sound relevant…


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:you are KILLING ME

That description is reeeeeaaally making me want to take a picture of this shirt right here… and this not wet shiny hair that’s falling over top of it. :rofl::rofl:

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