Glooko Mobile Dosing Guides For T2 FDA Approved

Glooko has implemented a dosing regulation feature in their app for T2 diabetics on long acting insulin.

Glooko’s Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS) was cleared Wednesday for the titration of long-acting insulin by the FDA.


@docslotnick, the link wasn’t coming through so I edited it.

This article is quite interesting: the way I read it, the app has an algorithm that proposes an MDI basal level for a given BG meter pattern.

The article specifies T2s as the target. I am not 100% sure if it simply does not apply to T1s, or if it was only tested on T2s.

Thank you @Michel. I must have copy/pasted incorrectly.

From what I can discern is that the FDA approval is only for T2’s. Don’t injure much beyond that.

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This article seems to suggest that it is only for T2s on basal insulin only using a long acting.

It claims it will make dosing suggestion based a doctors plan and fasting BG readings. This seems like a tall order to me. Fasting readings only tell part of the story. Color me skeptical until I see more information.


I am intrigued, though. I would like to see what it comes up with.

But I also am skeptical. Yet it might be better than what some uneducated PWDs may come up with on their own?