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I’m trying to enter “treatment” options for insulin and meals to make better sense of my timelines. This is straightforward from the watch using the three dot screen, but is there a way to do it from the phone - I don’t see an equivalent to the three dot menu there? And more important, is there a way to do it for a time other than “now” if you forget to enter it immediately? The three dot menu allows treatment types BG, carb, insulin and time, but I don’t know what the time option is for. If it is to change the time to record the other treatment types then I can’t figure out how it is used.


@jag1 There is a medicine dropper icon on the right side of the home screen that brings up the treatment dialogue.

The hand with the finger pointing is a Bg test, the crossed fork and life is carbs, the syringe is insulin, the clockface is time of treatment if you want to change it. The microphone is to speak the treatment. Make sure you click the green check mark that comes up after you enter treatment.

After you click the green check mark another image comes up to verify your entry. This is especially helpful for “what-ifs”

The time is military time in the xx.xx format.

It’s quite an ingenious setup.


The hours are in military, but the minutes are entered in standard time. Am I doing it incorrect??


@jim26 The time is entered as 24 hour format, i.e. 12:25pm would be 12.25, and 7:06pm would be 19.06.

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No you are correct, but honestly if you want to be correct everywhere in the world you should convert yourself to Zulu time. Then you would be very much like a pilot and would never be wrong /s

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Using the information you provided I have been able to connect my Dexcom G6 sensor to my Sony Smartwatch 3. Unfortunately, I am now faced with the following problem:

I have been wanting to connect these on the Xdrip+ app however, my phone is not recognised as a follower even though, I have set this up following the instructions you have given. Also, when my watch is on collector, no information goes through to my phone. I was just wondering if you could help me overcome this problem.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

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Welcome, @sara! I am sure our resident expert, @docslotnick, will give you some feedback soon!


@sara First make sure you’ve properly set up the phone as master follower. Look in settings>sync settings

First it needs the security key. Make sure the key is the same on the watch and phone after you check " be master for followers"

Next check “be master for followers”.

Also be sure that “disable all sync features” has not been inadvertently checked.


Thanks for your replay, I have attached a photo of my settings below, I just wanted you to please check if it is all set up correctly? Have I made any errors?

Regarding the security key, I have found it on my phone, however, I can’t seem to find it on my watch for me to be able to connect the two and become “master for followers”.


@sara I’m sorry, you don’t have to set anything on the watch, except “enable collector”.

And I don’t think your photo uploaded. Maybe too large a file?

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I think @sara uploaded it by editing her previous post.


@sara In settings>smartwatch settings> android wear disable (uncheck) “use only wear”. This will allow your phone to get readings.

Also, in Misc. Options, if you are using a Samsung phone check the Samsung workaround.

Edit: Also uncheck “force wear collection service”

This will allow the phone to be the collector when the phone is in range.

If you dont don’t get readings on the phone when it is collector, as you have it set, look at your android wear app settings.


Gud after im new here was reading prior cono. Tried some your settings not working right…I have a dexcom g6 ,samsumg s9 + with a samsung s3 frontiner watch. Was trying to use the watch with out carrying the phone is that possible.? Also using xdrip Plus w Wearable widgets

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Unfortunately your Samsung S3 watch is not one of the ones that has a patch available, so I assume it will not work without carrying the phone since the only known watch that does is the Sony Smartwatch 3 - see this page: https://github.com/NightscoutFoundation/xDrip/wiki/Patching-Android-Wear-devices-for-use-with-the-G5

Also your phone is not on the list of phones that are known to achieve a high capture rate. If you find it does achieve high capture rate, then you can update this page with that info: https://github.com/NightscoutFoundation/xDrip/blob/master/Documentation/Phones_For_G5.md


Thank you.So if i use a SS3 i still have to use a patch.


I assume SS3 is your Samsung S3, and not Sony Smartwatch 3? If so, then it is very likely to require a patch, and as far as I know no one has written the patch for that watch yet.


Thank you…Have to look in to a new watch then.


What sony watch best to use for reading with out carrying a phone.


Sony Smartwatch 3