G7 and LOOPing o Yeah!

So I got my G7 90 day supply today from CVS Pharmacy’s Caremark mail order division. The first one fell off immediately, so I had to try again. I decided to try #2 in where I am most comfortable - in the abdomen vs arm. That one went on just fine, so 25 min later I started receiving data.
Loop wise I forgot that I had to update it first, so when I added the G7 it wanted to talk to me in SPANISH.
So back to my Apple laptop I went. I had to update the OS and Xcode, but once I did, the script ran just fine and installed perfectly.
I deleted the G6, chose the G7 and this time it spoke to me in ENGLISH. Everything installed smoothly and just worked!
I did two finger sticks and they were both within 20 units, so I’m happy.
Thank you thank you THANK YOU Looped developers for designing such a great product that works without any hiccups! I’m so glad that we are the FIRST to work with the G7 and beat both the Tandem Tslim and Omnipod 5!
Great job everyone!


This is great to hear! I am interested in upgrading to G7, too.


Not familiar with coding, I can only superficially guess the amount of programming needed to make the Dexcom G7 connect with the Omnipod 5. I know it’s extensive.

The G7 has been available for several months, and there’s no compatibility yet with the Omnipod 5. Being a mere T1 user seeking to stay alive, I had assumed that teams of Dexcom and Omnipod coders would have quickly worked together to achieve connectivity upon or soon after the G7’s release.

Another concern: As an iPhone user, relying on the Omnipod 5 to receive insulin necessitates carrying around a reconfigured Android (AT&T) phone along with the iPhone, which has the Dexcom G6 app. Truly, I wish the different manufacturers (Apple, Omnipod, Dexcom, etc.) worked together to create compatibility.

And, as a longtime Medtronic pump user before recently switching to Omnipod, I’ve repeatedly pleaded with Medtronic representatives (in person, on the phone and via emails) to work with Dexcom or Freestyle Libre to achieve CGM connectivity. Many T1 bloggers who have used Medtronic’s CGMs have few kind words to say about it. Yet, regardless of the negative feedback, Medtronic insists on peddling its own CGM and spurning compatibility with other devices.

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To put this welcome news in perspective, with which pump or pod have you teamed the G7?

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So far the g7 only works with the omnipod dash pods via looping. See https://loopandlearn.org or https://loopdocs.org . The omnipod 5 and Tslim teams are working on it but have to finish coding then submit to the FDA for clearance so that will be quite some time. Nothing moves fast with the FDA.

I myself love looping and will stay with it for quite some time. I tried the Omnipod 5 but I had to give up way too much control to make it work for me. Others have had great success but not me snd I’m not the only one who tried and went back to looping.


@bpollina do you know what caused the G7 to fall off your arm? Have you had any issues w it on your stomach? Thanks!

Not sure but I don’t like the arm so I went back to stomach. Sensor number two lasted 8 days before doing the 3 hour error then gave way low numbers so they had to replace that as well. So far so good.

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Most of the work is done without any cooperation from the vendors, so the stuff has to be in the wild and available to people who are actually doing the development before any work can start.

The G7 certainly offers advantages over the G6, in particular dealing with the transmitter lifetime (the problem is eliminated because there is no separate transmitter!) All the same, the Libre3 is certainly another viable solution and is already supported in xDrip+; like the G7 the Libre3 does not use a separate transmitter.