G6 Best Insertion Sites

For G6 users who suffer from constant compression lows due to lower body weight/muscle, where do you find the best accuracy? I cannot put them on my abdomen because of false lows and have started experiencing this issue on my arms/thighs. I make sure to not sleep on the sensor, stay hydrated, but these false lows just randomly happen. Am considering trying sites recommended for child T1s next.



First off, welcome @papayasquash! Nice to have you join our little slice of dia-heaven. :smiley:

My son is young (7), but we’ve always only used his triceps/upper arm for the CGM. We alternate back and forth. He doesn’t want to try any other site right now and we are pleased, in general, with the performance we get. When his Dexcom is very high (250+) or very low (< 60), the readings generally are not accurate, and often off by 50 points or more (i.e., instead of being really 250, he may be 150 and instead of being 55, he may be 105.) In those cases where it’s drastically more than 20% off in either direction, we always double calibrate (don’t care about the direction of the arrow…care more about “reseting” the number.) If it’s only 20% off, we do a single calibration and only if the arrow is 45 degrees either direction, or level.


Thank you for the warm welcome :blush: Am so glad I found this site, especially w/ trying to get acclimated w/ the G6. By double-calibrate, do you mean entering the same number twice within 15-min intervals? Thanks again for the cgm tips!


Yes. Same number twice, back to back.

Keep in mind many people don’t calibrate AT ALL…this is just what I do because I don’t like any system showing Liam low or high, longer than he actually is…or as close to possible. Some people don’t calibrate at all and others only calibrate when the G6 is waaaaay off from the actual finger stick. When Liam is older and we don’t have to sit in front of the Endo and discuss lows, he’ll probably be a “no calibrator”, but for now I like to get him back to as close to what his number actually is, as soon as possible.

I found out in this thread that it’s not recommended to calibrate when you’ve entered the sensor code…entering that code tells the system that it’s supposed to be a “no calibration” 10 days…if you enter a BG that disagrees with G6, it’ll throw calibration loops and/or sensor errors.

I’m now testing the G6 WITHOUT using the sensor code and so far I LOVE it…single and double calibrations are NOT causing the calibration loops and/or sensor errors that I experienced in my 1st “with code” session.


@ClaudnDaye I know there’s been a lot of discussion back and forth about the G6 with and without code and impacts on later reading with calibrations. Have we received any info from the company/others with direct knowledge of the algorithm used as to its impacts or is it observatory by those of us using it? Note: I’ve always used the code and only once had problems a few times, due to a compression low and a wacky sensor on day nine once.
@papayasquash I’ve experienced compression lows a few times, but seems you have much more issues. I’m a side sleeper, mostly right, some left. I like wearing it on my arm, and like the inside of the left arm bicep toward the back pretty much mid-way between elbow and arm pit. It keeps it protected and mostly unimpacted even when I sleep on the left side. Don’t have the issue with the abdomen due to no stomach sleeping. Have been giving consideration to trying my thigh, probably toward the inside for protection from bumps and scrapes. Please contribute to the group when you find a good location for others here to try.