FYI Omnipod 5 G7 compatible pods

Just a heads up. You do not need a new prescription for the G7 compatible pods but you might want to contact your pharmacy to make sure they don’t give you the old ones. I use a mail order pharmacy. After chatting with two reps I was ultimately forwarded to a pharmacist. He was then able to make sure my late July shipment and all those after would be the new G7 compatible pods. If I had not contacted them I’m not sure I would’ve gotten the G7 pods. I also lied and said that I was already on G7 so I had to have the new ones because the first rep told me they would only send them to current G7 customers.

I found this on Insulets website. It sounds like if you use a retail pharmacy you might not be able to get the new pods until late fall. If you are anything like I am and are a few months ahead on pods that would put your G7 transition middle of next year.:pleading_face:

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Thanks @Josie for the info. If it is possible & your invoice says what the NDC number is for the correct Pod could you please post it? :smiley: