From 8.9% to 4.9% A1c how i got there from swimming and nutrition


i joined FUD almost a year ago (MAY 2017). when i joined, i had been D for almost 30 years. i had went on the pump about 17 years ago, but knew little about all the great things i could do with it.

i was scared of going high or low, so i would eat relatively the same foods at the same times of day, every day just to feel in control over my BGs. i didnt experiment. i stayed stuck, fearful of losing what i percieved as “control” over my numbers.

i had learned a little bit about my body and how i responded to certain foods. so i considered those foods “safe” foods. i took relatively no chances to go outside of the box, and whenever presented with eating out at a restaurant or at a family’s home, i would be in a panic, obsessed about how much insulin to give myself, whether to do a dual bolus or not, and, if i did, how much up front, for how long, etc. i was living in a nightmare of my own making. not the greatest way to live, that’s for certain.

then i was pursued by eric to come over from TuD to FUD. my life began to change almost immediately. this was the site of the UNLIMITED. it took me a while to understand what that meant exactly, but i began to catch on by reading all the threads i could as well as all of the posts. i saw people daring to dare their own D. to take real “control” of managing their disease as well as having fun at the same time. i was in shock. this didnt seem possible to me. i thought that most of you were a little wonky; it took me a while to learn to trust in others experiments with food and bolusing, exercise, success, joy of living, comfortable making “mistakes” (and then learning from them).

I read about all these members exercising and how they negotiated their pump setting, or their MDI injections. i learned about temp basals and how to navigate my own way so that i could begin a swimming regiment that worked for me.(i have always loved to swim.)

my previous endo was of NO help whatsoever when it came to making a successful exercise routine and keeping my BGs managable. it was at this point that i turned to all of you…mostly to eric. :wink: (and, i did some research and got myself a new endo.)

i wont bore you with all of my trials and tribulations. you’ve probably read about most of them on my swimming thread. But, i would like you to know how different my life is today than i could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams:

first, i set goals for myself. then i took instructions, suggestions, encouragement, congratulations for my efforts. then i began taking risks i was terrified to make. let me repeat that: i took risks that i was terrified to make. for about 6 months, i faced numerous “learning” experiments that did not work out the way i wanted them to, but taught me what didn’t work. so i began modifying my regiment. one little bit at a time. and with all of your guys encouragement, i persevered, despite my fears and my frustrations.OMG, things started taking shape.

then, i moved on to changing my diet to help me get the most out of my swims. great success was approaching. i could see it. i could believe in it. i could trust in it. i had proof.

the daring i put into my swimming experiements, i began putting into my life. i started feeling very comfortable taking risks with food, with bolusing, with the things that did not work out the way i wanted them to, but racking those up to learning tools for the next time i faced a confusing situation. i learned what it took to go out to a burger joint and eat a burger with a bun, fries, and guacamole and chips. this took many experiments, but the burger was so good that i was willing to figure out what i needed to. then i moved on to pizza, chinese food. then restaurants. then family meals.

i realized that everything i did that didnt go exactly the way that i wanted it to go could **always be corrected:**not enough insulin, take more insulin; too much insulin, enjoy some carbs. OMG, was i starting to have fun with food.


I AM TRULY UNLIMITED AND MY A1c came down to 4.9%

i am happy, i am healthy, and i am courageous. and i am over the moon with joy.


DARE TO DARE. :sunny:

signing off,
Daisy Mae



I think this is a really inspiring post. When I get tired or frustrated I think about how you were so persistent and kept making tweaks and how, even if any given day doesn’t work perfectly, your overall results have become so much better, I am inspired to keep pushing!

One question: was your A1C 8.9 just before you joined FuD? Or was that what you started out with when you were first diagnosed?


What I love about your post is that it shows what your attitude and approach have done. It isn’t a bunch of specifics, like taking x amount of insulin for y amount of carbs. Or dosing earlier or later or more extended boluses or any of that stuff.

Those specific things are different for everyone. There is no silver bullet.

Your post shows what a change of attitude and boldness can do. How much of a difference there is when you just remove fear and just keep going.

And…exercise too! :wink:

Thanks for sharing!


before i was on the pump my A1c was (if i remember correctly) over 10% i was living in the 300s and 400s. i dont know what that translates to; i just know it was very high.

then i went on insulin, and my BGs came into the high 200s to mid 300s range. i learned very little about D during the years before i went on the pump. i just took NPH and R injections that were based upon a sliding scale. (BG was between 200 and 250 take X units for X gms carbs, etc) then i went on the pump, and it wasnt anything fancy like it is now; my insulin to carbs ratio was 1:10 24/7 for everything. i went on humolog and i started counting carbs but still used the sliding scale.

then i got an endo (the idiot i have previously refered to so many times :wink: ), who never told me about pre-bolusing, or anything remotely like that. he didnt believe me when i told him how i NEEDED to bolus for proteins, etc. what a jerk. anyway, it was about that time that my A1c was in the 9% range. this was back about 8 years ago. then i got a CDE/nutritionist who listened to me and tried to help me lower my A1c. soon after, i began on the TuD website, and i began learning that it was not “normal” to be living life with BGs in the 300 range. and, as a result of that, i began trying to get healthy and to learn more about D.

i did not have a good relationship with ANYONE in that community, though. i felt very much alienated. but i hung in there until i was lured over to FUD. when i got to FUD, i believe my A1cs were in the high 7% range.

its been in just this past year that i have been able to successfully bring them down into the 4.9% range.

hope that this was not too long of an answer. but i realized i needed to clarify myself. :sunny:


We recruit based on potential and retain based on results. Congrats Daisymae your personal story really illustrates exactly what I was hoping this forum would accomplish!


An Amazing accomplishment @daisymae. Fud certainly is a good fit for you. The close intimate community that is FuDiabetes is a great place. I’m glad you found what you need here.

@Michel and company, DaisyMae’s experience here shows how caring this community is. This is what the DOC is all about.


Huge kudos, DM! I remember the day you came and were so worried about your swimming and since then, it’s been a pleasure learning with you on your journey!