How eric has helped us all


About six years or so ago, Eric reached out to me from another “FUD-Like” Support Group. He lured me over to FUD, I accepted his invitation blindly, not even knowing who he was. I ditched the former group and joined FUD and have never looked back.

I didnt know much about my own diabetes. I had an awful endo who was absolutely incompetent (despite the fact that he was, himself, a pump wearing T1). I didnt know much about my pump at the time. Didnt know anything about basals or ICRs, or ISFs and very very limited knowledge about how boluses worked. And I had been working with him only bc my first endo moved from NYC to LA, and that horrid endo had been his second string laky.
Eric put an immediate change to all of that. I had wanted to start swimming at my local Y, and my stinky endo told me all I needed to do was to eat a chocolate bar or more to bring my BGs up above 200+, and then I could swim as much and as long as I wanted to. I would start my swims from around 220 and finish swimming at around 70. This seemed perfectly acceptable to me. Eric (along with some other FUD members) put an immediate end to this crazy crash. He taught me how to swim for hours while maintaining my TR from beginning to end.

Now that was absolutely wonderful, but that was just the beginning of my journey with Eric. He has been there with me every step of the way. Answering my panicked texts, helping me find a solution to problems without complaint, always patient, kind, and compassionate and above and beyond generous with his time.

Throughout my decision to have spinal surgery and throughout my healing process, he came up with suggestions to help me along the way to my recovery (and he still is). One example: when I was first dx, I was doing MDI and at the time, the only insulins available were pork or beef regular insulin, along with NPH. When the fast acting insulin came along (Humolog) I went on the pump ASAP. My doctor instead of teaching me about how to use it, programed everything into the pump himself. I never knew what he was doing, and he didnt offer any education or advice. But Eric did. And I learned. And then finally I learned enough to leave that wretched endo in the dust for a new and wonderful endo. (one of the smartest moves I ever made)

This is just some of what Eric has helped me with. Some of you know how Eric got a “team” together while I was healing from my surgery, and he gathered up a plan to keep a smile on my face despite the pain and limitations in my body. Everyone knew how much swimming had meant to me, and gifts started coming in the mail, one after the other. Not just chocolate bars (which most of you know is my favorite for lows) but other creative gifts. And then the ultimate : he rounded up a bunch of you and paid for a full years membership to my local Y swimming pool so that when I had to green light from my surgeon, I could start swimming again. This just blew my mind.

Theres a lot more to the story, but this is what I limited my share to bc I thought that some of you would like to chime in and share an experience or two that Eric helped you with. We are all in this boat together, but I think it would be fair to say that Eric is a Captain on many occasions.Lets let him know how much he has impacted our lives.

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I can’t even begin to count the ways @Eric has helped us. Early on, he was pretty much 1:1 with me whenever I needed and always the voice of reason and someone who was constantly guiding me. Without his knowledge and guidance early on in our diagnosis, I don’t know where we’d be today, but I know it would be the success we’re experiencing right now. I used to be torn up with stress, anger, resentment, confusion, frustration and so many other negative adjectives (are those adjectives??) but he patiently guided me step-by-step toward resolving each issue/situation as I encountered it. He’s a literal encyclopedia of diabetes information and I personally would trust him over any Endocronologist where diabetes judgement/treatment was concerned.

Sorry I’m not listing specifics, but honestly it’s one of those things where I’m like…where do I even begin.

He is a god-send and has always been that for my family. In fact, I’m thinking of creating a golden idol (like the golden calf of the religious type), but in the likenss of Eric and finally beginning to get religious in my old age and worshiping that golden idol. :wink: That’s how much Eric means to me, Liam and my family.


@Eric has been my buddy through a lot of highs and lows in my life, beyond just blood sugar highs and lows.

He’s taught me GREAT things about diabetes self-care and ADVENTUROUSNESS after diagnosis…but he’s taught me even more important things about life by example…mostly about friendship and offering unwavering, unconditional support. And how to creatively NOT follow literally any rules that we have ever been taught about anything.

Eric has said, “Diabetes is art, not science.” I think he shows us that all aspects of life are art, not science. His art inspires me to approach my life like art…which adds in way more fun, humanity and room for improvising than my approach prior to meeting him did.

FUD is great for many, many, many reasons. And @Eric is definitely one of those reasons.

Thanks for being my buddy, @Eric!


I’ve only been here a relatively short time, but it could not be more apparent that @Eric is both a pillar of this on line community AND the very embodiment of its core principles.

Way to be, dude. And thanks.


@Eric has always been so willing to help with any question and has always been willing to help anyone new. He gives help without any expectations back. Besides reading the help he gave to others and learning a lot along the way, I ended up asking him for help with an exercise issue myself and he wholeheartedly gave me some ideas that worked and helped me tweak those ideas along the way.

I am so thankful he is around. It’s not just his vast knowledge, but also his willingness to share that knowledge that makes him so special. I appreciate you Eric and I think you are a wonderful person to be able to know!


Thank you @Eric for your knowledgeable and thoughtful replies! Such a great group here!


Wow! :blush:
I am just speechless here reading this. I don’t know what to say!

Thank you so much everybody! You are all so very kind. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your kind words. :heart:

This community is tremendous, and everybody here is special to me. The support we give each other is unlike any other place.

No matter the challenge or difficulty facing anyone here, we all want them to thrive. We offer all that we can, to get them through it, over it, or around it.

Thanks so much! :heart:


Now get back to work!!!


I totally agree with all comments!! Eric has helped me, too, not just directly but through all here who have benefitted and passed on his help through well documented posts, and of course, Eric’s many posts. I am sure there are many lurking out there who also have benefitted!!

I have a similar journey that @daisymae experienced, joining FUD through our acquaintances. I’ve adopted many technical devices for T1 since joining, and they are wonderful, but like @daisymae said, not understanding the disease and how best to control it personally, technology will help but will always be lacking. Eric has this talent of explaining T1 in a way we can understand and use directly in our lives. Thank you, @Eric, for all your help, and you, too, @daisymae, and FUD!!


@Eric has helped me to not only fine tune my diabetes (with both indirect and direct information) but also helped me realize that I don’t need to be OCD to achieve my diabetes goals if I adhere to basic principles. He has given supplies and information with no expectation of repayment other than my ultimate success. Who does that? He also reminded me that I need to enjoy life, relationships, and the friends we make on the way. Especially here at FUD. Thanks @Eric for being Eric. BTW, how’s your Steamer supply doing?


I do more reading than posting on here, and I’m sure there are many others. @Eric’s well-worded explanations, thoughtful advice, incredible insights and encouragement to experiment have helped me as a newly diagnosed T1D, even when he was answering someone else’s question and even when it was a question I hadn’t considered asking.

For every person Eric shares his knowledge with, there are many more who benefit by seeing the post, including people who aren’t active on the forum.

You’re helping a lot of people, Eric. Thank you for that!


Little late to the party, but @Eric has been a true friend and even challenged me to eat a meal that took 3 days to digest because I am a slow moving mammal. He and many of the others here have made helping my son learn to live with diabetes manageable and even fun some how. Eric has also been amazing at not only sharing his knowledge but he has sent a few items to Cody that he uses every day and make his life more manageable. @Eric I salute you!!!


I’m just now seeing this well-deserved tribute, but that doesn’t reduce how thankful I am for all of Eric’s help. As a long-time T1, I still have had lots of simple questions, which @Eric has always answered gracefully and without judgement. His knowledge and experience have made my life better!

Thank you, Eric!