FreeStyle Libre2, accuracy, wither notes

I’m a 53 year T1D (lucky!), trying to be more strict in patterns after a good long stretch of getting away with much. I have been on an OmniPod Classic for 3 years, and using a FreeStyle Libre2 for 18 months.

I do like seeing all the data, but noticed last week it was running often 2 mmol/L lower than what my PDM records. But once time, my body was definitely sending the low signals, but the CGM read 7.7 while the blood test gave 2.6! The sensor was on its last day of a 1 day run. I can deal with that as I always get good low signals that old fashioned way.

I have an appointment with a dietician this week, and have been diligently entering my carbs, food, into my LibreView app as notes. I was hopeful this information would be available in a log report, but now checking with LibreView online there is no report that displays notes, and in fact, the CSV export does not export the notes. What is the use then of entering here?

Am I better off adding to my Glooko app (I use that to combine data from both devices)? or something else to do record keeping? Its disappointing that LibreView accepts data that just lives in the device (or I have missed a feature).


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