Freestyle Libre Transmitter for selfmade CGM

Hi @all!
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Today I’ll report of a new transmitter for the freestyle libre.
We all know about:

And now Marek Marcner is finnishing his

Because of some trouble with the Nightrider, other people in facebook reported, he has this month only a special price of 50 EUR!!! for users who have a Nightrider.

I post this, because i find this information could be interesting for some users.
Who is interested in, should go the the closed international facebook group “T-Mini users group”.

Edit 2018-04-24
Here is the next professional Transmitter:

An overview of the transmitters is at Google docs:

Greetings from the cold Germany,


@jroth, outstanding info, thanks so much for mentioning it.

Thanks to you, I went and prowled his entire site, very interesting!

Can you comment on this new transmitter and what you think of its features and capabilities? I think we would all like to get your opinion and assessment.

I’m waiting for it. I’ll report you after I got some expirience.

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Edited my first Post.
Now is the next professional Transmitter available. A chinese product.

In a nutshell and for somebody not overly familiar with the Freestyle Libre, what is the purpose of this new product?

@Thomas all these transmitters can be used to send the data of the freestyle libre every 5 minutes to the smartphone.
So you get the benefit of a CGM although you only have a FGM.

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Is this new product used in conjunction with the Freestyle Libre transmitter or is this a replacement product?

@Thomas it’s a transmitter like the other too I posted in my first post of this thread.
So you have one more transmitter you can use.
All the transmitters are additional to the freestyle libre sensor to get every 5 minutes the data of the sensor.

@Michel Currently I watch the Facebook groups.
More information to this new cinese transmitter is available in the face book group “High Brilliant Technology”

An overview of the transmitters is at Google docs:

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So this miaomiao transmitter/device will communicate directly to the Freestyle Libre sensor with no need for the Freestyle Libre transmitter to be used at all?

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All transmitters listed im my first post do so.
Place it on top of the freestyle libre sensor, install xdrip+ (Android) or spike-app (iOS) at the smartphone and you will receive the data.
Both apps:

  • can communicate with nightscout.
  • can have follower installation
  • supporting smartwatches as additional viewing device.
  • have alarms
  • have statistics and visualisation of bg.

Any update/review of the T-Mini?
Seems to be about 1/2 the cost of the miaomiao device.
Wondering if there is a substantial reason why.
Just starting the dance on trying to get a script for a Frestyle, since I can’t even buy the sensors without one here in the US. My PCP is not familiar with them, so I’m trying to get a referral to an endo that might be a little more knowledeable.

@DaveJ there are 2 Weeks more to wait for the T-Mini. Marek wrote that he has problems to get the LiPo battery. Now he ordered direct in China.
I wait since September…

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My news for the Transmitters:

What about the T-Mini?
Marek is still developing. Now he refunds the money because of new problems.

Using the Nightrider I got many Bluetooth disconnects at my Samsung S5.
So I decided to by a miaomiao.
It was a good decision!
I’m happy with the miaomiao!
Currently I use it as the BG datasource for my closed loop. :slight_smile:
Waiting for the next HBA1c.
The loop helps me to have less up’s and downs.

Greetings from Hannover!


Stil didn’t got the T-Mini.
Latest news about T-Mini: Marek is working at a Version for the new encrypted Libre2. Currently noone knows if the developers also are able to decrypt the american 14 day Libre (Libre 1.5).
The Libre2 can be read. Now the developers are checking the data. Hopefully in some months we can use Libre2 too with a transmitter.


Jurgen, great to hear news from you!

Hello Michel,
this is a great community here, a english is still a Challenge for me.

I’m on closed loop since 06/2018 with a MDT 722.
The prices for used MDT pumps are rising up… :frowning:
My success with loop is more time in range and a better HBA1c.
Its like a guard. :slight_smile:

Still using Libre1 and Miaomiao.
Hope until my next prescription of Libre they will have support for Libre2 with xDrip and Miaomiao.
I’ll report when I’m getting news of this.

My First loop was based on Intel Edisson.
Currently I’m testing AndroidAPS with RileylinkAPS. A great project to support MDT pumps with Rileylink at AndroidAPS.

Hope you are well!
Greetings from Hannover.


What you write is clear and easy to understand. Many thanks for your interesting and helpful posts.