Freestyle Libre, $45, shipped worldwide

Lately I have found a lot of fairly reasonable Frestyle Libre sensors available with worldwide shipping. For instance:

This lot of 6 sensors + worldwide shipping goes for $45 per sensor, shipping included. That is pretty cheap for 2 weeks of monitoring per sensor, if you pair it with something like a BluCon, once the BluCon is a bit more mature.

Naturally this is a hypothetical consideration, since the FDA would not like us to import devices that have not been approved in the US.


I think I am going to hypothetically take some Fiasp this morning.


I think it is essentially possible to use the Libre in the US now ā€“ if one wished to.

Iā€™d wait until @kenrick updates his review of the BluCon WITH alarms!

please have a look to

@jroth, were you thinking of linking to the sensor, or to the rest of the site? I find the rest of the site very interesting!

I reported in a new Thread that there is a new Transmitter.
He is hard working at the transmitter mini. I will report when I got it.

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That is really awesome! Thanks!