Franz Raisin bread, no spike also no gluten

Anyone else have a similar experience? I’m curious about this, because I have noticed this with cooking at home along similar ingredient lines. My allergen-free recipes (including cakes) tend to give me much better bg control than older recipes. Often this involves flours such as teff, brown rice, sorghum, tapioca, almond, etc.

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Currently traveling, but once home I’d be willing to send out loaves of this to 5 forum members, if they’d run a comparison against other breads with me.

Can anyone help me understand the relationship between these types of flours and more stable bg?

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I toast it and spread an allergen-friendly butter on it. The strange thing is it’s 20 g/slice but doesn’t seem to behave like it. I bolus for 20 but that seems to be too high. I had wondered if it was the flour combination.

I have never tried that particular bread… I’d have thought the raisins alone would have made it pretty spikey. I have noticed that with Daves Killer Bread, which tends to be made with much higher quality indgredients (and the price reflects it) doesn’t tend to spike me anywhere near as much as other cheaper options

We don’t find any difference between gluten-free or gluten containing foods. If anything I would say gluten-containing foods are a little less spiky and take a little longer to digest.

Just circling back to this, @Thomas. Sorry for the delay.

Seems for me, depends highly on what the gluten-free things are made of and can go either way. Something with a lot of almond or coconut flour etc will be much better, spike-wise. But there are also alternative flours like something made from rice which are worse. Processed gluten-free things that look/feel sort of like white-flour products (usually with a dense, fine, sponge-like texture) are usually pretty bad in my experience, whereas ones that don’t really do that but have a very whole grain/heartier/rougher texture can be better.

We’ll see if we can find this bread around here. We’ll report results faithfully!