Foreign drug vendors: please list and review in this category

With today’s Supreme Court decision legalizing the purchase of FDA-approved drugs from foreign countries, the quality and reliability of foreign drug vendors are becoming important.

Please list in this category the foreign vendors you use/ are aware of, along with your reviews!

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I have used several times.
A+ from me. Cheap, reliable, easy to use.

Marks Marine Pharmacy is also a great place. Family-owned kinda feeling. I really like them. Cheaper insulin than you can get in the U.S., NovoLog and Humalog are about 1/6 to 1/10 of the cost! (Lantus is about 1/4)
Another A+.
Here is their website:

EDIT] Each has its own thread now!

Now that it’s legal, it’s just not as much fun as it used to be.


So, when shipping from one of these vendors, how do they package insulin to keep its temperature regulated?

We get insulin from the regular CVS mail-order pharmacy. They package a 90-day supply in an insulated box inside a cardboard box, with a sealed aluminum bag inside containing insulin and cooling packs. When it arrives it is really cold.

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I will start a thread for each of your listings!

How does one go about getting their orders sent TO them, instead of picking them up from the local CVS? And are the orders automatic (meaning, you don’t need to put in the order…it just happens every 90-days as per a doctors prescription?)

It is like it really is a different pharmacy – so you need to get a prescription to them from your doctor, or you can ask them to transfer a prescription from your local VCS (or anything) to them.

It’s up to you, They can refill automatically or you can ask to do the refill manually yourself. You can do it all online, which I do.

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