Foods That Spike your BGs

on other thread i have read about 3 different foods that cause BGs to spike ;yogurt, milk and coffee. i investigated this and still cannot find a solution to experiencing this problem.

in order for me to have a 13gm 1C glass of 2% milk, i must double the carb count. so, instead of accounting for the 13 gms of carbs, i must account for 26 grams of carbs. i have not figured out how to bolus for yogurt yet. i like to eat plain Fage 2% greek yogurt w/out any sweeteners or added foods like berries; i prefer it straight. i notice that i spike the minute i even look at the yogurt container :wink:.

i might have to do a dual bolus for this; or just increase my insulin bolus, or both. i am uncertain. its supposed to be a low GI food, so maybe it is taking its “sweet” time digesting in my tummy and intestines.

does anyone have an opinion or suggestion to this query? i would love to have yogurt in my diet on a regular basis. i suppose i must take a step back and go at it the old fashioned way:experimentation.

Do you always have it at the same time of day? Just would be a good idea to make sure that it is the food and not the time…

For example, a lot of people have their coffee in the morning. And a lot of people also spike in the morning, just from getting out of bed. So for some people, they may assume it is the coffee when it is really the waking up!

I am not saying this is your situation, just using it as an example.

it doesn’t matter what time of the day when i eat yogurt; it is always the same. however, i think i will first try a dual bolus with a little booster of insulin (above what the carb count claims) b/c this is what i need to do when i drink milk and it works like a charm.the only problem with this is that i don’t want to do this experiment on a day that i plan to go swimming. i don’t need to have uncertain IOB for a food that is not going to give me a reliable outcome. i will have to save this experiment for a w/end.

crossing my fingers.

PS: i am always on the low side when i wake up, even after bfast. so i know it is not from just waking up that i am spiking. its something to do with the food itself.

You may be low when you wake up, but for a lot of diabetics, just the act of getting out of bed makes their BG go up, regardless of what their BG was when they wake.

I will give just a general explanation, very simple and not a proper medical description.

Your body takes in carbs. It uses some right when you eat, and puts some away for future use. Some of it is used for activity - muscle glycogen which I have discussed a lot with you. And some of it is used for when you don’t have food available. It is stored carbs in the form of liver glycogen.

One of the things liver glycogen is used for is helping people when they are just waking up because they haven’t eaten yet. It’s a little shot of energy before breakfast. Of course, without insulin that shot of energy doesn’t really help. It ends up messing us up a bit.

So for some diabetics, just getting out of bed requires a little bit of insulin, even if they don’t eat!

Anyway, that may not be what you are seeing, but just a background on why some people think they need insulin with their coffee when they wake up, but really it is the “waking up” that needs insulin. Hope I am making sense.

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a long time ago, i needed an Xtra unit of insulin just when i woke up before bfast. dont know why that is no longer the case; but it just is. crazy how our D bodies have and need changes for no apparent reason from day to day. i mean, if we look at it, there are always apparent reasons, but i know that you know what i mean. for whatever the reason, my BGs are high today. i have been making corrections, but my BG wont budge, rather, it has gotten higher. go figure. :cry:.