FDA: "technically" legal to resell test strips

although they “don’t recommend [buying such].”


[sarcastic font] Oh my gosh, I feel so much safer knowing the FDA says it’s ok…

Glad I don’t have to deal with the lack of regulatory over-site like they do in Canada or the European countries, where poor unsuspecting diabetics can get new and horrible things like Fiasp.

Thanks FDA, for keeping us all safe! [/sarcastic font]



This is the FDA just trying to protect their turf. I think that with a modicum of care, a diabetic consumer can differentiate between an honest reseller and a charlatan.

I used to buy strips on eBay, and there were some sellers I avoided because they didn’t appear 100% kosher. But that’s the same with every eBay purchase I make, regardless of product.

Caveat emptor.


We are not always behind in drugs in the US. Sometimes, we are ahead.

For instance, from what I know, the US is the only country in the West where a Dexcom is a fairly normal, largely insured, procedure (this may also be true in the UK?).

We obviously have some challenges in health care. But, having lived as an expat in several Western countries, I am also witness to the many problems – of different kinds – that other countries suffer.

For instance, as one example, when we were in France, I loved the low cost of health care (visit to emergency room, including head scan → $175 in 1989 total cost…). But I also saw first hand the incredibly crummy conditions of an average hospital room, or the many months of wait time required for advanced procedures, resulting in the system insiders getting access to health care when outsiders can’t (because they know who to call to get first in the line).

We see our problems but we don’t see our advantages. I would really like to fix our problems – but I don’t think it is fair, or right, to only criticize our system. To be clear, in my opinion, cost (and therefore fairness) are our major problems. But, in other areas – a big caveat – I consider, in my opinion, that our health system is the best in the world. We want to be careful about what we are willing to break!


Our healthcare is the best in the world, but not because of the FDA.

The fact that Dexcom is covered by insurance is also not due to the FDA.

If you took the FDA out of the picture, I’d bet Dexcoms would be dirt cheap.

Do you know why Dexcom says it’s only approved to put on your abdomen, even though all of us in the real world know you can wear it anywhere? The cost of getting FDA approval. I’ve spoken with Dexcom about this. They acknowledge it’s a joke getting approval for anything. It costs them too much to get approval to wear a sensor on your arm. Look at their documentation!

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Cost is a problem, but has been for a long time regardless of which system is proposed. It will be a difficult problem to attack because the true cost of care is hidden, and is therefore hard to understand, and even harder to propose solutions to.

Another advantage to our current system is that a good amount of the best and the brightest choose to be physicians. Lots of solutions being proposed may change the balance, and then we may be in a place where more of the best and the brightest choose to go into banking and figure out how to charge us more for every transaction…


Is it technically legal to resell blood glucose meters?

The FDA doesn’t explicitly say that in their guidance, but I would think it is ok. Is there someone that would actually pay for a meter?

I bought a meter off eBay. It was new, but it was a discontinued meter, so the only place to get it was from eBay.

Since I bought it from a person instead of the manufacturer or pharmacy , I guess that was technically a “resell”, even though it was new.

I think eBay only prohibits things that need a prescription. Since no script is needed for a meter, it was legal.

My feeling - there are enough issues with the disease, so even if it is not legal, I am not going to worry about breaking “diabetes laws”. The diabetes cops can come after me. :cheeky:


It must be, because you don’t need a prescription.

I got banned for life for saying that on a different forum.

The goal of this thread was simply to entrap you again…


I got this… :ban_hammer:


@Sam Buh- bye Sam :ban_hammer:

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Mission accomplished… LOL

But seriously, do you need a prescription for Dexcom or insulin pump–or can you buy one without?

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Yes, you need a prescription for both.

I am not sure why you need one for the Dexcom, though. It seems that anyone should be able to buy one with their own cash if they wanted.

Are you asking “legally”? Yes for legally, but it is definitely possible to buy those things online without a script.

That could be a legit post, not sure, but admin should eval

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Nah. Spam. 99.98% sure.

gee, i wonder which forum that might have been :wink: