For @Sam

For @Sam and all of you other nefarious Unlimiteds, I thought that this was most interesting.

Bidding just started :joy:

Just to be clear, this is not my listing. I have no financial or other interest in this listing.

Now that may actually require a prescription since it includes the sensors… the Dexcom says that a “Dexcom system” requires a prescription. A receiver alone does not constitute the “system” as such to require a prescription in my thinking. Hope I’m not treading on thin ice and about to get banned again.

Haha, we’d have to ban all of ourselves!

In my opinion CGMs shouldn’t require a prescription at all. It isn’t some kind of dangerous drug that will do tremendous harm if used without medical supervision. A similar product, the Freestyle Libre doesn’t require prescription in the EU and that works fine.


I’m with you, it’s kind of like requiring a prescription to buy a phone or computer.

Hmmm - it appears it may have been removed?

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Looks like eBay got wind of it.

Same thing happened to me when I sold my G4 stuff (for a very low price) on eBay. But they didn’t remove my item before it sold. The item sold in about 20 minutes.


As a Canadian, I got my Dexcom without a prescription. The whole Sam banning thing confused me as I didn’t realize that in the US you need a prescription for a Dexcom.

As a question - can you buy a blood glucose meter in the US without a precription or just the CGM?

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Confused me too. That wasn’t the real reason he banned me I don’t think, although I wouldn’t really know because nary a word was said to me. But I do know he harbored a grudge for a long time toward me because I dared to suggest that things like modern diets and social trends such as sedentary occupations becoming more common were associated with increasing diabetes prevalence. That and I had told him it wasn’t appropriate for him to continually tell everyone to stop taking statins that their doctors had prescribed them…

You don’t need a prescription to purchase a bg meter or strips with your own money, but you need a prescription in order to bill either to your insurance— that was the last thing I said before he booted me: that my understanding was that Dexcom was the same deal— only need a script in order to bill it to insurance. Obviously that wasn’t that obnoxious of a thing to say to justify being banned for life-- so I’m not sure if he misrepresented the exchange to the other moderators or what happened; the few I’ve been able to contact refused to discuss it with me.


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Which I assume is only for the co-founders?

Level 3s. You are almost there :slight_smile:

What is the requirement for level 3?

IMHO, Thomas has earned his stripes - 115 hearts, 215 posts created, 3600 posts read.


It’s an automatic formula managed by the software for every member.

Yes, I understand it is automated, but what is the requirement? Is it simply length of time being a member?

It has multiple components. It’s not a priority to spend time working on the formula to change it right now, too many competing priorities.

I wasn’t asking anyone to change it, I just wanted to know the requirements…

It’s listed somewhere… I don’t remember where I’ve seen it… has to do with how many threads you’ve read, created, replied to, been replied to etc etc like Michel said it’s a rather complex formula… maybe it was when I was researching discourse.

lol - I will post the standard requirements. I probably have not shared the love enough yet.

Feel free to move this over to the lounge also. If you don’t want this public. No stress.

Eric - appreciate the thumbs up.