Quite a few years ago during my annual ophthalmologist exam there was a small spot of retinopathy. My doc, scheduled a 4 month follow up, then 6 months, 9 months, back to yearly as it was showing improvement. This year’s exam showed no retinal problems. This was after I began MDI and got really good BG management.


I hope the Ophthalmologist I see is as thorough! Glad to hear you improved.

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I saw the Ophthalmologist/Retina Specialist today, in follow up to my initial Optometrist appointment, where they discovered my hemorrhages. I’ve been told I have hemorrhages and something called a cotton wool, and was officially diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy. At present, he isn’t recommending any treatment, and advised me to get my A1C down, and control my blood sugars and blood pressure.

My blood pressure is always on the low side of normal, so that’s not of concern to me, but I’m really going to have to focus on blood sugar control, which I think means for me tackling stress and not self soothing with junk food. Also counting accurately, eating nutritious food and pre-bolusing. This has never been something I’m good at, so it’s going to require discipline, but I’m pretty freaked out, so I’m going to try and use that in a productive way.

That’s my update.


@jo_jo - just wanted to send support your way and (although easier said than done), urge you to not let yourself freak out too much. The big take away from this appointment is that you don’t have any treatment recommended, just to work hard on your blood sugar. That is great! Sending big hugs your way. So glad you had this appointment and have a plan in place. xoxo


Thank you so much! This thoughtful message made my day, and yes, focusing on the big takeaway:) xo