Express Scripts announces changes in patient insulin costs


That’s good on Express Scripts. But the supply chain for insulin makes it way too expensive, especially for people who can least afford it.

It occurred to me how skewed this is when I found out today that I was in the Medicare “donut hole”, and that my insulin would cost about $800/mo! This is until I have spent $5100 on drugs and got into the Catastrophic phase of Plan D.

Thankfully that is not a problem for me, but what about the poor 70 year old struggling to pay their living expenses?

This is unbelievably outrageous! Talk about vulnerable.


Express scripts is one of the primary culprits who rigged the rebate game to drive list prices through the roof.


Seems like Montreal is nice this time of year. You could have a lot of fun for $5100

Some clarification on this story:


“For those higher deductible plans, this moves insulin to a “preventative drug” category in which the deductible wouldn’t apply. Instead, the low copay is available immediately.”

That’s pretty big!!!

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Would be nice if this applied across the board. The January insulin and Dexcom $1200 hit is ugly coming off of Christmas expenses.

Agreed. It’s a start though. Cgms are amazing, but insulin is the most important.