Purchasing in Canada? Can’t Afford US Price

Found a post about traveling up to Canada. Want to find out more.
I just changed jobs and I had Express Scripts and Blue Cross Blue Shield I was paying $120 for a three month supply for Soliqua that was great, but job not so much.
Now New job when my new insurance kicked in; Medical Mutual and Express Scripts. I must pay my 1500 out of pocket deductible and an addition 20 percent co-pay for a whopping $1756 for a 3 month supply for same medicine through Express Scripts. Subsequent 3 month supplies will be $380.
I can’t afford that! Talk about sticker shock! Thats 1 and 1/3 of my mortgage payment and 1/2 my bi-weekly payments for subsequent fills. So I need a viable solution to keep from getting diabetes ketoacidosis.
This is not a disease by choice it is heredity in my family genes. I had so many positives for the new job. Less driving, less stress and a smaller corp. But now I am really stressing out now!
I went back to the doc and he said lets price Xultophy its the preferred insulin per Medical Mutual and same thing the cost of medication is out of my price range. Its a little lower NOT at $1064 for a 1 month supply. Even with a manufacturer coupon of -$400 off a box; I would still pay over $800 (got to add in the taxes for Uncle Sam!)
I have a lot of bills and all money goes there. This change between companies and insurance is over 14 times more than I was paying at the old job because of the medical premiums. It is not right. We need to fight back!
I am asking for what the name is for cheapest insulin glargine and lixisenatide in Canada? I saw a Lantus post that might work. I can only afford 100 a month. Is there any hope or am I going to die? Can anyone offer a suggestion before I drive to Canada to start my hunt for the optimal medicine?
I am carrying two doctor prescriptions at this time. Because I went to my doctor to try and figure it out before I run out. I could not get answers with manufacturer coupons at local drugstore stateside because Express Script knows I have enough to get through September and they are blocking me. I am thinking of taking a short vacation to Canada. Anyone have any suggestions if I go across Peace Bridge?

Sure we can help. First thing:
“This is not a disease by choice it is heredity in my family genes.” This is true for almost everyone, it is truly unhelpful to try to blame people for their disease. But that is apparently something we love doing. You honestly shouldn’t even have to say this. -end rant

Can you get your insulin for around $100 per month. The answer is maybe, but it depends on how many vials/pens you need.
You can get 5 basaglar pens for about $125 Canadian and you can purchase Humalog for about $40 Canadian per vial. Lantus is about $100 per vial, but the Basaglar is cheaper per unit because 5 pens is more insulin than one vial.

If you are close, driving is cheaper, but if not Marks Marine will mail order the insulin to you for an additional $25 or so dollars. You need a prescription if mail ordering into the US, but if you purchase in person in Canada all of these drugs are over the counter and available without prescription. You may want your scrips with you when crossing back into the US in case their are questions.


so sorry to hear about your rediculously and unacceptably high medical expenses. its insane, i know. one year my co-pay for my insulin was $600/month, and now this year (thank God) it is $0. why the rhyme or reason…who the hell knows.

anyway, that being said, i recently was RXed for Xyfaxan for my GI issues. OOP, if my insurance didnt pay for it, it would cost me $2,600 for a 14 day supply. i get my Donperidone from Canada bc it is not FDA approved. i shopped at different Canadian pharmacies for a while, surprised to find that their prices REALLY vary for different meds.
the absolute best one that i found is called RX Counter (Canadian Pharmacy) they exist world-wide, but all are connected and considered “Canadian.” i have my meds shipped right to my door. they are super helpful, kind, patient, and call you every month to see if you need refills. they also have expediated shipping if neccessary.

if you are ordering from the USA, you need to have your doctor FAX in the prescription. if you are in Canada, you dont need to; its considered OTC.

here’s their info:
877-292-0545 phone (cutomer service)
855-882-9307 FAX

they are located in BC, Canada

hope that this helps. good luck to you :pray:

BTW: that price of $2,600 for the 14 day supply of medication in the USA cost only $184 in Canadian Dollars!!! HUGE difference :grin:


You may have already gone down this road, but there have been a couple times in the past where I experienced some prescription sticker shock and when I went back to the doctor with the price, they were also shocked and worked with me to find something cheaper.

One time, I was prescribed a dermatological prescription that was over $1000 at my local
pharmacy. The doctor then suggested Costco which was still pretty close to $1000. Then the doctor said, “well, it’s just a pre-mixed combination of two drugs, one of which is over the counter”. So I got a prescription for one of them which is like $20 and I pay about $8 for the other one and mix them myself.

Most times, I haven’t been this lucky :slight_smile:

Oh, also, I once had a doctor who had a fridge full of insulin samples and would hand me a bunch if I needed them.

My point of this rambling story is that maybe the doctor can help if you can provide cost feedback :slight_smile: . Or maybe not, but it can’t hurt to try.

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the only benefit of my staying as long as i did with my former, idiot, endo was for all the free insulin samples he gave me. i would fill up my knapsack with NovoLog, get Lantis pens, etc. My new endo is unbelievably superior in every way, but rarely has any samples of anything :cry:

I did my reconnaissance Friday and Saturday morning with my kid . We went to Windsor and hit the Super Walmart at 7100 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8T 1E6, Canada. Pharmacy hours are 7 AM to 11 PM . I have confirmed the Otc without prescription for insulin.
They did not have my particular brand of Sanofi insulin but they did have Lantus Solostar which is in the same class and I have used previously so I bought a box for backup. It was approximately $122 Canadian and converted to approximately $95 US. At least now I have a backup plan if the manufacturer coupon doesn’t work at my local pharmacy for my prescription and can’t get it in the same price range. I do have to add in the tolls $12
bucks at bridge and tunnel in and out, the tolls stateside and the tank of gas to get there and back. We slept in the parking lot in the car because we only had 4 hours to open. I am definitely tired and will nap today. Having a second driver was helpful.
Was honest about coming back across telling my border patrol I was bringing back my
medicine. No problems either way.


Glad you were able to get your insulin.