Cost of Insulin - A little Positive Movement

Essentially, in Minnesota some insurance is capping the cost of an insulin prescription to $25 a month for all patients.


Colorado state is also doing a cap. It would be nice to see this across many/all states, or at the federal level - especially since the feds keep talking about lowering costs but never do:


I agree, honestly, it would be good to see a cap on the price, insurance or not, so every Type1 can buy modern insulins for $30 a vial, but at least for the insured, reducing costs even further is great.

I feel that is so unfair that when my son turns 26 he will have a car payment of monthly co-pays but no car to drive. Now for my son, that is less of a worry since he is very academically focused and will do fine in the job market, but why should it be a worry at all?


I’m on Medica currently, working for a Minnesota based employer, so this could be a pretty good deal. I might even buy US insulin again…

However, I do wonder what premium costs will do after the 2020 plan year. I also suspect that the pricing questions will probably be mostly unaddressed due to deals like this, while the cash paying customer will still be paying the phony list price.


i dont know why bc i am on Medicare and have copays for my medications. but i am on Novolog for my pump, and i used to pay OOP about $200/month for my insulin.

however, in the past 9 months, some policy was changed (dont know why or what) , and i am only paying $3. / month. YAHOO. i am busy stockpiling my insulin as i dont trust the gov’t about pricing, and i want to have plenty of $3 insulin in my refridgerator. :money_mouth_face:

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