Do most people not look at dexcom or pump reports?

My long time PCP who handled my diabetes retired so I had to find someone to handle my diabetes. I went ahead and went to an endocrinology practice and will see a nurse practitioner who’s daughter also has diabetes. Based on my initial visit I think it will be a good fit (i.e. she will write whatever scripts I want👍and keep doing what your doing.)

Anyway I was kind of surprised by the offices response to the information I brought in. They were completely shock I printed out my pump and dexcom reports and brought them in. They were thrilled and said nobody does that.

Am I one of a kind who likes to look at the reports which took all of 1 minute to print out?

I kind of got the sense most patients aren’t even looking at them. Just kind of a surprise especially at an endo practice.


At my endo’s office after you check in they require your pump so they a can download it. During the doctor time he goes over the labs and then asks for the Dexcom share code for 90days. This is every quarter.

I personally look at Clarity, Tandem and Tidepool maybe weekly. I don’t like to do daily because I am more interested in trends.


I use dexcom and Tandem pump. My pump gets both cgm and pump data, and stores it to the T:Connect app automatically.

There is also a web T:Connect pgm, and the phone app data is automatically sent to my web account.
Sometimes we review the data from T:Connect web, which Dr can display or print different reports.

However, since pretty steady with my control, we often talk about specific concerns I have, rarely about day to day BGs or pump data.


I always provide Nightscout reports which includes CGM and pump data overlayed on each chart.


My endo wants to see the 90-day AGP report from Dexcom, my current pump settings, and my blood pressure readings. I bring them on paper.


My CDE/RN and I go over my pump and CGM data every 6 months over zoom. I never look at those reports on my own though.

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@jim26 I think you’re like several of us (probably the majority here on FUD), that take the conscientious approach of wanting to “know” ourselves where we are and how we’re doing, and we want our PCP/Endo’s to “know” or have the info available to guide our efforts! If you don’t have the data, all you’re doing is throwing darts with no idea of where the dartboard is and any good result is pure happenstance at best! I always take my latest Clarity (Dexcom) reports in with me and since starting Loop (Endo’s office uses only Glooko) will take Nightscout or Sugarmate readings in with me to show TIR, GMI, etc. If an Endo isn’t interested in at least reviewing it, my view is find one that is (I know, much easier said than done!). Glad to hear your Endo’s office likes a “prepared” patient!


Maybe part of it is I came from a PCP situation and that responsibility fell on me.

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