DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


I’m speechless…

And now that’s passed. :smiley: Eric, and I’d call you by your more official name here, too, if you were Erica, and here comes the mushy serious part… thank you for helping me find it in me. I got buried under all of this. Thank you for helping me see … things differently.

And I love you, too, Erica. In a totally non-creepy, completely innocent, hundreds of miles apart, friendly way, too. For real.


See my PM about this!


Okay. So… about the actual appointment…

I think it was a waste of time. :confused: The guy was nice enough, as is usually the case, but he was all over the place with what it could be, and what is likely to happen. He repeated at least 3 times that I just needed some drugs and rest, and then I should be ready to go. He called it bursitis, which Kevin has explained to me it’s NOT because of the lack of pain with touching it or lying on it, and he also called it general inflammation. When I explained the pain intensity, which has occurred 3 times now but is not subsiding the way it previously has, he said, and I’m being serious, “that sucks”. Also things like, “wow! And it’s just like you really just want to run!”

He also showed back up into the room with a cortisone shot, which I declined, and he also said he saw some scoliosis. And this is why I don’t like going to the doctor.

So he wrote me a prescription for some kind of “gentle” NSAID, the old lady’s dose, he said, so that I could take extra, and told me to take it for 3 or 4 weeks. If I don’t see any improvement in that time, he’ll send me for an MRI. Oh, and he said there was some calicification on some part of my hip and that my hip bone was slightly misshapen… possibly making it injury prone. I’ve done a lot of appointments in my time… Something about this one screams a whole lotta nothing.

I don’t know. I’m calling Kevin tomorrow. I’ll try to get in to see him by the end of the week and at LEAST keep moving on this end.

I danced. And that was great.


Take that for a few weeks to reduce swelling.


Also, in addition the taking the “prescription Advil”, ultimately we want to get you in for an MRI. That’s the goal here. So if you start over with a different guy, you are back to square one. With this guy, you are maybe 3 weeks away from an MRI.

Take the meds, make your follow-up appointment for 3 weeks, meet with him again and get the MRI. Then you have a better idea of the issue.

This doesn’t have to be a waste, if you end up with an MRI out of it.


I think I can get the MRI script from Kevin… if so, should I still go back to this guy?

Also, Kevin believes it to be a tendon issue— possible tear. He says that the use of Ibuprofen is actually counterproductive in tendon injuries as it slows the healing. Should I run any of this by him? Start it anyway??


It depends on if there is too much inflammation which is irritating it.

It does reduce blood flow, which could inhibit the healing. But if the inflammation is irritating it, then reducing that would be helpful.

You have gone a few months without the NSAIDs, and it is still bothering you. So why not try a few weeks with it?



I’ll pick it up tomorrow and run it by Kevin at the next appointment anyway.


In general I do think it is a good idea to avoid them for minor soreness. I agree with Kevin there.

I don’t know if it will help you in this case, but trying something different may not be a bad idea.

Why did you decline the cortisone shot? BG worries?


Yes?? Was that wrong??

But also because I would like to know what I’m getting it for… I don’t think I have Bursitis. He was giving it to me for bursitis…

Do you think that was the wrong choice?


I don’t know.

If you don’t think you have bursitis, it’s fine to decline it. Just depends on the conversation you guys had.

My thought might be - if you have not gotten better with no injection, why not try one. But no problem, you can see him again in a few weeks and revisit it. I think it’s good to get the groundwork taken care of.

No remember, next time you see this doc, you gotta stick to your story. :smiley:

Is Kevin a doctor? Can he review your MDI?

Either way, getting an MRI would be useful, even if it just rules some stuff out.


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I’m still reading but I have to throw this in…

Every time we go to a new doctor - EH says just that to whomever we see. Maybe a little more abruptly. And doesn’t broker a comment about it and will tell them they’re wrong when they are convinced it’s D related.


Time for a new orthopedist? Okay, okay. Eric has a point. Back to square one. But, ugh. I’m annoyed for you.

Okay, I’m caught up. Wow! What a whirlwind! Hope the kiddos are recovered and your mom is back to being happy. :slight_smile:

And I’m sorry you can’t get a straight answer about the hip. My MIL had a tear in her labrum in her hip caused by a bone spur that apparently wasn’t visible in either the X-ray or the MRI she had done. It took her over a year to find a surgeon and get it operated on. And it was very difficult to get anyone to take her pain seriously - she got diagnosed with depression, fibromyalgia, bursitis, arthritis and more during this period - none of which were her problem. And she slowed from being a 3x a week gym goer and active woman to sitting around waiting to feel better. Her orthopedist said “if you were my average 65 year old patient you’d just sit around a lot and not get this dealt with. One method for coping with a labrum that’s torn is to stop moving. Many people prefer this.” She opted to have the bone spur shaved down and the labrum stitched back together. That was April. She’s still not totally improved. The other option was for a full hip replacement, which might’ve worked better honestly. But at least she had a path forward and wasn’t just continually poo-pooed.

I’m telling you this because I don’t think finding out what’s wrong should take a year. And if surgery is the option (which it might not be in your case) it’s not the end of the world. But don’t get shuffled into the “just take Advil for years and good luck” pile.

:unicorn: :crazy_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :nerd_face: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I felt like that story was a bit morose and decided to end on a happy emoticon note.



Hello. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would copy my comment over into this thread, but I couldn’t figure out how. :grin:

I can give it to you in a nutshell. I believe having diabetes lets my doctors off the hook when it comes to anything that is not related to my diabetes. I remember seeing a different orthopedic specialist about 2 years ago, and I was answering all of these questions as best I could about numbness and joint problems and hand pain… all of this stuff. This was a nice doctor. He actually took the time to listen, took the time to consider a few different possibilities, and then broke it down for me… what it meant that I was a patient with diabetes… at least as he saw it. He explained that he had had a roommate in medical school who was also a Type 1 diabetic. It wasn’t long before he and this roommate realized that diabetes mellitus is a differential diagnosis for everything. Skin problems? Sure, could be diabetes mellitus… joint pain, ligament pain, GI symptoms? Swallowing? Numbness… soreness? Gynecological symptoms??? Absolutely. Could be the diabetes. We had a nice talk, a pretty open talk it seemed to me, and we talked about the problem with seeing a doctor when you are a type 1 diabetic… in a nutshell (this nutshell is huge, it’s turned out), it clouds— it can cloud a doctor’s ability to order tests accurately and appropriately. Obviously without the appropriate tests, diagnosis and identification can be a grossly prolonged process. It’s not that they can’t get there, but it’s like they have to start with ruling out diabetes (and good luck with that) as the cause before working their way back out through the other possibilities…

I’m at a point in my medical care where I do an enormous amount of research prior to heading into an appointment so that I can help them order the right tests. I can see how that would send up red flags and you would think instantly that I’m doing something wrong in that, but it’s just where I am. I’ve gotten there after spending so very many hours in these offices telling them my whole history of everything—— and then ending up having to research stuff and putting them on the right track at the next appointment anyway. I’d love to have a doctor who can do his job while I sit back and relax. I do have a handful of doctors who I go to for guidance in my overall care, but for many appointments It’s just not the way it works for me. So I’m left picking and choosing what to present and where…

How are we doing? You want to stay on this? Or would you like to see the ingredients of the really nasty thing I just corrected with? Because fat chance on that. :grin:


About running…

Went to Kevin yesterday to talk about shoes, MRI, possible spine stuff, and a plan…

  1. He says he hates doing MRIs, and then offered to bring me studies, because they are as unlikely to show anything legitimate as they are likely to show something incidental. Then he explained, at great and painful length, that people who are asymptomatic often show blah blah blah when people who are experiencing very severe symptoms don’t show anything. “Do you have a tear, Nicky? Yes. I can already tell you that. Stop irritating it.”

  2. About the shoes… i told him you guys expressed concern… because I didn’t know what else to say. :confused: I left his office the other day on my way to make the purchase and returned without having made it. So I said that there had been some concern among my diabetic friends. So to this, and he was absolutely very respectful, he said he doesn’t want to put me in them permanently. He believes putting me in them as a tool will help me to change my stride and stance and all of that. When i was on the treadmill barefoot, I was able to run without feeling my hip. In shoes, I could feel it. “If you’re beneath the threshold of pain, Nicky, it means the load is less.” Lighten the load during the runs— less irritation. He doesn’t want to talk me into anything… he repeated this… repeatedly. :smiley: He wants to help me run. He says I can do it in regular shoes, too, but it’s harder. He can send me for the MRI if I want, but it’s not great information. Resting, slowly increasing the load in these exercises, and changing my whatever is what he thinks will lead to longer lasting results. But I can do whatever I want.

  3. About doing whatever I want. Not really. Obviously. I told him I’ve been running a little, and he would like me to stop. I have some hip pain again so I know I should. I am very frustrated, as I told him as well, but that’s just tough. No running or walking, no dancing, no whatever else. And no jumping. I can swim to my heart’s delight, he says… if only my heart were delighted by it. :smiley:

  4. Plan: 1 week of absolutely nothing but swims. Not even little walks. In one week he’ll start me back on the exercises to increase that load… Buy the shoes (if I want) and start the transition. No extra walking or running during that time, but I can supplement with swims. At some point down the road I could also supplement with jumping and dancing. He’ll also start back up with the soft tissue work in a week.

So. That’s what I’ve got. Thoughts?


I don’t have a big concern with the shoes in terms of danger. They might cause you some ankle or calf stress if they don’t offer enough support. Or they might help you adjust your stride and fix things. I don’t really know.

The bigger concern with just doing the shoes is that they might waste your time and not fix anything.

Did Kevin do slow-motion analysis of your stride? Did he analyze ground contact time? Foot-strike angle? Position of your back? Did he hook up any passive markers (reflective) on your body to film it? Was he able to compare your left and right stride? Landing location?

Does he have any of this?

Do you need a different shoe? I don’t know.

Do you need to fix your stride? I don’t know.

Do you have a muscle or ligament tear? I don’t know.

So why not do the two things I suggested to you recently? Let’s find out, and then decide what to do next in order to fix it.


Calling for gait analysis…

Even though it’s still possible Kevin did do all of that… in his head. :thinking:


And do you ever feel like you repeat yourself with me? Because sometimes I feel like you’re repeating yourself with me. :grin:

But could you tell me again what the other thing of the two things was? Because it escapes me right now… awkwardly…


Yes I repeat myself with you all of the time.

The other thing was the MRI.

No downside from getting an MRI. An MRI uses magnetic fields to create the image, not X- rays. So you do not get radiation from an MRI.


See, we do agree on some things.

Yes, I do know how these things work. I just hate the hassle of scheduling the appointments and all of that. I’ll call Monday. When I make that gait analysis appointment. :grimacing:

And I ran today. :roll_eyes:

I’ll swim tomorrow.