DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Lolololol! Ask @daisymae!!! She’ll tell you! :swimming_woman:

I would vote that it sounds like the exercise too. EH has that happen - that high post working out.

And I’m sorry about the meat thermometer stabbing! That sounds wildly unfortunate and I hope you recover soon. Just don’t fall into the oven please.


Okay. Of course

tomorrow is kind of up in the air. I have to take my mom to the doctor at 10… With any luck I’ll be back by 12:30? 1:00? I will have a short window— until 2:30–to complete my exercise. What do you mean by “trying different stuff”?? I could also exercise between 3:30 and 4:30 if I don’t get the diet window…


Since your schedule is a bit sketchy tomorrow, how about shooting for the later time.

Here it is.

*Morning - Levemir and breakfast
*Afternoon - lunch after your mom’s appointment, maybe around 12 or 1.

Shoot for a swim 3.5 - 4 hours after lunch. Your IOB and food will be mostly gone. Take your afternoon Levemir as scheduled. Hopefully you will be in range and flat at that time.

Right before you start swimming, if you are above 150, take 1.0 units, and I mean right before you get in the pool. And then swim hard. If you are going to take insulin for a spike, you need to make sure you spike, so push yourself.

Just have carbs quickly available. And check yourself at about the 900 point or so if you are wobbly, and make sure your fingers are dry.


So… I didn’t get to the pool yesterday, and if I don’t make this quick, it’s not looking good for today either. So I’ll make it quick.

Yesterday, mom wanted to go for a romp around the food store after her appointment, so romp we did. She made “bad cooking” jokes at my expense with every potential ingredient she picked up. Love to see her laugh but would love it more if it were at my sister.

Anyway, TODAY I have not had any coffee since … maybe an hour ago… and I DID go with that 138% Levemir dose this morning PLUS extra insulin for my coffee and only hit a 200 for an hour and a half. Not sure what this surge is, but I was sure that Levemir dose was going to make me plummet, and it didn’t. Anyway, my BG is about a 120 now, and I’m going to not have coffee and not have any more carbs… and then go read your comment again because my mind went blank after not have coffee.

I’m headed to the pool in about 30 minutes. It was 89 yesterday, and it’s 50 today. I’ve never gone to the pool in cool whether. Sounds cold. Coffee would warm me up.


So now that I’ve read this again, I hope my day is lining up to meet all of these things… I did have a coffee at maybe 9, but I did the insulin for it probably at 8:15. By the time I get into the water, it’ll be around 10:30… so that’s not 4 hours, but… oh! But I did an IM shot so… it should be fine??

I also have that big Levemir dose working… does that change the numbers at all?? Should I still do that one unit if above 150? Any chance it’s going to mean going low once I get started? I know you can’t tell me, but it would be nice. :slight_smile: I’ll bring some applesauce pouches… and work it out.

Can’t wait to run.


The bigger basal changes the formula a bit. The one unit for above 150 was with a normal basal amount.

If you are above 200, maybe hit that 1 unit. If you are 150 or less, I think you will be in decent shape.


So today was a good day. I did 19 units of Levemir this morning, a 38% increase over what I’ve been taking, and it was just what I needed to make my day normal again. So… okay… I ended up having the coffee after I wrote the last note about how I would not have the coffee, BUT my Bg was a 100 at the time and falling, and I was cold… so I figured you’d be cool with it. On the way over to the pool, I dropped again to about a 90, so I chose to have half of my banana. I was wearing my Libre (with Miao Miao!) so I put my clear bag at the end of my lane and just took a look every 10 laps or so. I did rise in the very beginning to about a 138 (that probably wasn’t entirely accurate, but say no more than 150) and fell back to an 80 by the end of the swim. I even had two glucose tablets in the locker room. So today was MUCH different than the last couple. That 19 units really held me steady all day… I have no idea for how long I’ll need it, but maybe I start with it again tomorrow, too.

And I got my 40 laps. I was really happy about that. :upside_down_face:


Oh! And I ran across my house today. Just to see if I could? And I could. Not so much as a pinch in my hip. Kevin said one week with absolutely no pain and we can actually start something. Don’t know what, but it sounds good.


:heavy_plus_sign: :100: :+1:

So between 80 and 138-ish for the entire swim. Beautiful. I love to see the magic happening. :grinning:

You can probably cut back a little bit tomorrow. Maybe 17 units.


So. I’m about to go dance. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with kind of thing. Can’t run. Can’t play basketball. Can’t even SWIM. But I’ve got music (and rhythm :star_struck:) and a hip that’s been nice and quiet, so I’ve got a (temporary, if nothing else) answer.

As you know, @Eric, I spent the weekend and yesterday in the hospital with my littlest one—in the ICU— while they tried to get a hold of his asthma attack. Woke up this morning to find two more sick sons, both with fevers, one with the same predisposition to illness-related asthma. Also found out my mom, who was trying to help me out while I was in the hospital, hit a curb and busted her two front tires… and had grown mad at ME because of it. :expressionless: Me and her car. At least she was equally as mad at her car.

I am missing all of my PT this week because of everything going on, and I still have an IEP meeting to look forward to. :grimacing:

So I’ll dance and beg the universe to have mercy and let my hip stay happy. Hopefully I’ll be back next week in Kevin’s office talking about starting some kind of running program. :crossed_fingers:


Please don’t set yourself back! At least can you dance slow? Please?!?

Swayin’ To the Music (Slow Dancin’)
By Johnny Rivers Me!

It’s late at night and Nicky’s all alone
Just the music on the radio
Stuck in the hospital with the hips she’s blown
Just her, the music, and the lights down low

And she’s slow dancin’, swayin’ to the music
Slow dancin’, just Nicky my girl
Slow dancin’, swayin’ to the music
No one else in the whole wide world, just you girl

And she’s getting antsy, can’t run, can’t swim
Shadows dancin’ all across the wall
She has one last thing, it’s her whim
Rest of the world so far away and small

And she’s slow dancin’, swayin’ to the music
Slow dancin’, just Nicky my girl
Slow dancin’, swayin’ to the music
Nothing else to do in the whole wide world

Hold on, Nicky, just hold on
Don’t screw your hips up again

When she dances alone it could go bad
Do what you must but please be smart
Nicky you are gonna drive me so mad
Hurt your hips and it will break my heart

Now she’s slow dancin’, swayin’ to the music
Slow dancin’, just Nicky my girl
Slow dancin’, swayin’ to the music
No one else in the whole wide world

Slow dancin’, swayin’ to the music
Slow dancin’, just Nicky my my my girl
Slow dancin’, swayin’ to the music
No one else in the whole wide world
Whole wide world


Dear @Eric,

I honestly don’t know how you find the time to write your brilliant lyrics and create your clever graphics while keeping your a1c as pristine as you do, running long distances, and spreading knowledge and good cheer throughout the diabetic community, but it’s all very impressive. Like the mother whose children are clean, healthy, and happy, whose life is in good order, and who has neatly manicured hands to boot, your lyrics, like her manicure, is not what you are known best for, but they are what set you apart (from the sane crowd, sure).

This is a compliment. In case you’re still not sure. And I did not just call you a woman— you should be so lucky— I was only drawing the comparison to the kind of woman you’d be (in my mind) if you were one. And that’s an organized one… with lovely hair, lovely fingernails, and a beautiful pink watch. I could see that for you. :grin::rofl:

Awww, Eric! Your lyrics are the BEST. :heart:

But I didn’t dance… I walked/ran on the treadmill… :wink:


Well, I made up the whole diabetic thing. So that gives me a little more time. :grinning:

That’s why women are the lucky ones. They own half the money, and all the pink watches. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This thread is not dead. It may look like a ghost town, but it’s not dead.

I’ve been dancing without pain as a backup to the backup to my backup. Good thing I love dancing. Tomorrow I go see the orthopaedic doctor man who I will NOT tell I have diabetes. Hopefully he will then focus on my hip pain and not whether or not I currently am seeing an eye doctor for potential long term complications of having diabetes.

I’ll also get myself s couple of appointments for PT. It will have 2 weeks off by the time I get in to see him, but I don’t think the time off is a bad thing. It’s been a good day.

No running or walking today and also no pain. It’s
Sand in starting to sleep pst— I’m out!


Here goes… my attempt to fly under the radar


Holy crap, @Eric… I thought it was cute that you like to pretend you’re not a diabetic, but it never crossed my mind just what kind of skills you’ve gotta have to pull it off. I’m a frickin disaster.

So far, without a differential diagnosis of diabetes, they must think I’m a twizzler-inhaling, mentally unstable meth addict—who has maybe peed herself. I had the worst crash as I was trying to answer all of their questions with “no”… but I couldn’t tell the guy I was having a crash so I was trying to cram twizzlers in my mouth quickly and discreetly in between questions. While I turned bone white… and began to collect a small puddle of sweat beneath me. I’ve never had a crash where I haven’t told the person I was crashing… and he was like “any diabetes in your family?” And I was like “nope”.

That was just the nurse. And my bag has a big Thpe 1 Diabetic patch on it that I just realized… not to mention my Libre and Guardian sensor. The only thing I needed to really botch the whole stealth job was: image

You better hope this doesn’t backfire… when they come to the conclusion there’s nothing physically wrong with me so I must be here for drugs…

How do you do this?!

Here comes the doc.



Dang girlie, get your BG together BEFORE you go in!


I see no advantage to lying to a doctor you are seeing by claiming you do not have diabetes. And I see a lot of potential disadvantages.


Of course. I am fully aware of all of the potential disadvantages… and even dangers… of doing this. I wouldn’t not tell my endocrinologist about my diabetes. :D. Seriously, I wouldn’t not tell my eye doctor or my neurologist. There are doctors who need to know. I believe that wholeheartedly. The orthopedist… one of the many I’ve seen over the last few years… doesn’t. Not in my mind. Diabetes blinds doctors. It blinds society. Sorry, but this is how it feels. Say the word diabetes and now you’ve been filed away. I have a hip injury. It hurts when I run. He has 15 minutes to determine a plan. We don’t need to talk about my diabetes. I’ve got that covered.

I went to doctors for 4 years after having my first child. Four years. I had just been diagnosed with Type 1, and I was adamant about communicating that to everyone I would see. In turn, even with a BRAND NEW diagnosis, everything I was there to see them about somehow related to it. It was inflammation, it was pain… it was ligament difficulties… Nicole, this is just what diabetics deal with. I finally started seeing a physical therapist who recommended my having someone look at my spine. Went for an MRI and found out I had a cyst that had eaten away 85% of my spinal canal from my C4 to my T10. The symptoms that I had been experiencing were pretty classic, but everything was overshadowed by the diabetes. It was brain surgery I needed.

I’m not encouraging people to lie to their doctors. I rarely do. Today I wanted JUST to talk about my hip and that meant not spending 9 valuable minutes talking about a bunch of history that was irrelevant. It was harder than I thought it was going to be. Medical appointments are hard on me. Trying to get the most out of them.


I have never called you Nicole before. Ever!

But today I have to say it. I love you, Nicole.

In a totally non-creepy, completely innocent, hundreds of mile apart, friendly way.