DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


I do, of course.

A little longer. I honestly can’t do it for much longer, or I’m just going to go back to the really relaxed diabetic I once was… who tested once a week and wasn’t phased by a 400. :neutral_face:

If you ALsO remember from our chat, I told you I’m trying to help some people figure a few things out. I think I’m close on one of them, but the only way to see is to stay in and do the numbers. I actually have a theory and am at testing it to prove or rule out. Unfortunately, I still don’t know what to tell people about the insulin issue… I’ve got nothing on that. Obviously.


A 400 on auto-mode after swimming does not surprise me. Is there anything in there that says, “Hey, DN has been disconnected from her pump for an hour or two while swimming. Since she is done now, I need to replace some of the insulin she hasn’t been getting for a while…”


I would sit and reply to you right now because witty stuff is begging to be spoken, but I’m doing things differently right now. Just got out of the pool, and I actually have a dropping BG… so let me go tend to it and see what I can do to keep from another rise. But I’ll be back… :grin:


No, not at all. I really think this might be the biggest problem with auto… that you can’t communicate with it. Or override it. It’s no better than a bad marriage with no ability to communicate or control it. :woman_facepalming:

Kidding. But seriously. Today actually did appear to go better, and I DID get organized enough to get out of auto right after my last message, but my blood sugar has been lingering between 200 and 250. This is life with the 670G… wondering if you’re not getting insulin or if you just didn’t get enough. I’m at the playground, but I think I’ll pack us up and head home—- I’ve done about 6 units correction at this point and am growing suspicious over my loose-ish adhesive. Working that out, so I’m not worried.

I swam 27 up and downs today, and I felt good. I did half with pool buoys. So I mostly listened today by skipping the dancing and jumping and all else fun, but I did kind of go my own way on the swim stuff. Kevin has asked for one week without anything whatsoever but swimming with buoys. So that will (have to :grimacing:) start tomorrow. My hip felt a little worked after the swim, so I suppose I’ll listen now.

Oh, and Kevin has given me a new timeline. There’s been some improvement. He says one more week of nothing, then 8-10 days starting back on light and slow core (and other) exercises, and then in about 2-3 weeks, we might be able to talk about trying to start something.

Vague. But I’m okay with vague.


Any progress with seeing an orthopedist?


No. But you did see all of the things I did make progress on, right?

Monday… I’ll call Monday. And I’ll get a couple of numbers over the weekend in preparation…


Yep, keep moving forward.


Very happy today. I drank a lot of pool water, and I would really like to not have to do that, but I’m getting into it. Today I did 1500 yards—- I think. 30 up and down laps. It actually felt like a good workout, and I even felt strong.

My hip was pretty stinkin good yesterday. I have to stop saying great because I’ve been saying that for about 12 weeks. :smiley: Either way, today is even a little better. And I could do this, you know… I could settle into swimming as an alternative until I can do land activities again. It will really be nice to breathe as heavily as I need and not ingest pool water.

On that note— dizziness?? Is that a normal swimming thing?? It’s not terrible, but I do find I have to stop every now and then and let stuff stop moving. :thinking:

Doing a little light core stuff today and some weights and calisthenics. Is that still a thing, or was that what people did in the 80s??

Oh, and I even did a good job with my blood sugar today. Auto was pushing me up because that’s what it does, but it didn’t get too crazy. At disconnect time I was a 170. As I was heading into the pool my stomach growled, and I realized I haven’t eaten in like 3 days (my mom is out of commission, and my steady intake of calories has taken a serious hit). I decided to have my applesauce… even though I was already disconnected. Diabetes (and the 670) crack me up sometimes. If I had put money on it, I would’ve bet on a ridiculous high, but I got out of the pool at an 80…:woman_facepalming:
Auto mode is doing its thing now though, and I’m headed skyward so I’m not sure how I got through the workout like I did today, but I’m paying for it now. Was paying for it. I just got out.

I think that’s it. It’s been a good day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Check your blood pressure. I sometimes have low BP during and after workouts. If your BP is low, make sure you are staying hydrated.

That’s a win! Exercise does great stuff! Beautiful things here!

Keep going. Get your ortho appt, work your rehab, keep swimming, let’s get you all the way back.


Is that a joke? Or does pool water not hydrate? When swallowed by the gallon… :grin:

I’ll check it, thank you. But how? I’m not getting it at other times of day and it only happens in the water… maybe for a few minutes afterwards. Do you mean to bring a machine? In my backpack? :grin:


The home kits are small. Do you generally have low BP? Good to check.

Serious about dehydration. You are not as aware of it when swimming, but you are still losing water. Weigh yourself before and after to see how much.

Happy for you today. But do not give up on running. I want my running buddy back.


Thinking about it everyday. It’s my motivation to get into the water. :two_hearts:


You’ll get there! I’m caught up on things in this thread and I’m glad you’re in the pool.

If your first orthopedist doesn’t work, try try again. (Oh wait, did I learn that from YOU?!?) That is my new personal motto as far as medical care goes. Also, “you’re fired“ is my new motto. If you suck or your office sucks, I don’t need to go back.

And I’m glad you’ve found something to do! Maybe could think of swimming like dancing in your bathing suit? It’s kind of like dancing, but with more arm movements and floaties?

And I’m not against a pity party because sometimes a person might just need to have one of those. I will say, I think that the pity party just comes across as venting quite frequently, and certainly not as giving up. But a great peptalk is required now and again! @Eric is good at those!

And I agree with the dizziness and dehydration theory - you’ve gotta be sweating! But it’s already wet so you can’t see it. :joy:


I love it when you appear. :hugs:

@glitzabetes… you hear that?? Not that it’s what you have to do, but you should know it’s always an option. Because it sounds like your endo’s office sucks… and maybe he does, too.

Or maybe not. Ignore if not.

I had not thought about it that way, but I’ll give that a try tomorrow. Should be interesting. :grin:

Not more… you’d be surprised how many arm movements are included in this kind of dance. :laughing:

What kind of swimming do you think I’m doing here, woman??

Yes, we agree on these matters. Eric doesn’t. You knew that before, and now I know, too.

Better than he is at allowing pity parties, sure.

And this is the kind of insight we’ve been missing around here. Glad you’re back. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Almost forgot today… I swam 33 laps— or a 1650 so the swimmers might say. Felt great. My mom says there under waters headphones?? Maybe tomorrow I’ll find some.


Okay, @Eric… serious question:

I have gone back to my injections, as you already know. I spent a good part of yesterday high and then had an awful crash yesterday evening. Like a being pulled under kind of crash— if you have any idea what I mean. I attributed it to the constant small, and big, corrections after my swim without eating any carbs. I know this is way too vague to have a serious conversation, but I’m having a very stubborn high again today. Again, I came out of the pool too high, immediately did insulin, and have continued to do nothing but corrections since. 8 units total PLUS a 15 minute walk, and I’m still at a 200. I haven’t eaten. I know I’m repeating the same mistake as yesterday with the corrections and will eat something now to head off the crash, but could this be the swimming??? Is it possible the breathing, which is very different for me because of all that water, turns it into a different kind of workout? I’ve never really swam for exercise as a diabetic and had only just started while in auto. Why am I getting stuck with such a stubborn post-exercise high?

I swam 36 laps today, an 1800. I’m very happy with that and am pleased with it as an alternative until I can get back to running, but I’d like to get these numbers down.


It could be a cortisol response. Or it could be from something you ate before.

At a certain intensity level, your body responds to with fuel for the “fight or flight”. Just like being chased by a bear.

Your body wants to ensure you have enough fuel. It releases stress hormones. For exercise it is primarily cortisol. That signals that your liver needs to release glycogen stores to give your body fuel.

How hard is the effort? How is your heart rate? Are you out of breath?

Tell me about your BG before starting.

  1. Was it stable and flat?
  2. What was your number?
  3. When was the last food you ate before the workout?
  4. Did you have coffee?


Give me just one sec…

I’ve been trying to respond for like 45 minutes, but everything is pure chaos right now…


I’m sorry, @Eric. I asked you a question like 6 hours ago, and you were so quick to respond, and I”m just getting to sit down to give you the information. I’ve been at a sprint for the ENTIRE TIME handling things you couldn’t even imagine… I actually punctured my vein with the meat thermometer… which I had just pulled out of a slightly undercooked breast of chicken. These are the kinds of things that are happening when you don’t hear from me.

So intensity… It goes from being under control a good chunk of the time to my feeling desperate for a breath. A full chest. If that makes sense. This is the part I was talking about with the breathing. I’m just not crazy about that kind of breathing in water because I dislike feeling like I can’t take a breath any time. I’m not doing sprints or anything, but I”m moving along at a good clip for me, and sometimes I find myself out of breath. I pretty much have one speed once I start, and it’s … it’s work. I don’t know how to describe it any better. I’m not a swimmer. :roll_eyes:

BG was at about a 190 when I started. Now I can’t remember what —. I can’t remember why it was rising. I decided not to do any insulin though and just let it push up so that I could get into the water and feel comfortable that I wasn’t going to crash.

  1. No… it was rising.
  2. 190ish.
  3. About 3/4 of an applesauce… maybe less (10 grams of carbs?) … as I headed out to the pool. :grimacing: I forgot about that.
  4. No coffee, thank you very much. 4 coke zeroes. But those don’t affect my blood sugar. KIDDING. ONE Coke Zero about 30 minutes before. But those don’t affect my blood sugar at all.

I did 14 units of Levemir this morning and 7 at 3:00 pm. I ended up doing over 8 after the swim of novolog and finally had a coffee at 3… I brought a banana and applesauce and everything and expected to have the same kind of crash as yesterday but never did.

I’ll see if I can include my graph…

DN’s Meat Thermometer and Other Mishaps Thread

Putting together all the pieces, it sounds like a spike from the exercise, not food. All you had was the applesauce, right? That could explain the 190 when you started, but not the 8 units you needed after you finished…

Would you be up for trying some different stuff tomorrow? You really don’t want to be swimming at 200. There is no need for that.

Do you have a time planned for tomorrow? When are you swimming and when are you eating breakfast?

Dang! That sounds horrible. I am very sorry about that! I hope you are okay.

But that really should go in the meat thermometer thread.